Guys On Reddit Reveal The Things Every Girl Must Avoid Doing On A First Date!

Things Girls Must Avoid On The First Date

“Things Girls Must Avoid On The First Date”

There are many quotes on First date but one which is quite popular is “First dates are always awkward”, right? Do you really think that it is true? Look, I know that you meet a person for the first time and sometimes when you’ve completely zero idea about how that person will be, a lot of thoughts starts creeping in mind.

It genuinely happens with each and every person.

On the other side, ladies, you can easily point out things that annoy you the most about a guy on the first date. But trust me, that same guy can find you annoying as well.

So, to stop that and give your best, I’ve listed points revealed by the guys on Reddit that’ll help you get an idea about what are the actual things girls must avoid on the first date.

  1. Constantly being on the phone

Yes, many girls have the habit of using phone in the middle of a conversation. I mean, look ladies it really looks very insulting and dumb at the same time. If you wanted to be on your phone then why did you call him up or said yes for a date? You know, these questions starts bothering him and you certainly fail to impress him. So, avoid doing it.

  1. Bringing past relationships

Trust me; no guy is hanging out with you to listen to your sad/lovely past relationship. He is not your counselor and to be honest, no matter how many times he gives a smile and nod his head, the truth is he is not at all interested to know how bad or good your relationships were.

Well, at-least not on a first date.

  1. Don’t ask about “How much money you make” in detail

If you’re asking about how much money you make, which brand do you follow and from where do you purchase this and that, then you’re acting like a hungry woman for money.

  1. Cancelling the plan when it’s too LATE

Ugh, this one is undeniably disgusting thing to do. Many guys on Reddit revealed that a woman texted saying she can’t come when he already got there. (Planned place) You know, it just ruins the impression of yours and don’t expect him to call you back. PLEASE!!

  1. Expecting him to keep the conversation going

Firstly, if you’re a shy woman and you think that you can’t talk in front of a guy then you better don’t take a risk of meeting him. Look, he might definitely get upset and 100% bored. Conversations should always be from both the sides, so please prepare yourself with this.

  1. Avoid asking INTERVIEW questions

Many guys on Reddit dealt with such women in their life who continuously was asking them about “where do you see yourself in 5 years” or “What are your strengths” etc etc. Seriously!! For God’s sake, understand that he is there to spend some good time and not on an interview.

  1. Avoid inviting your Good-Friend

Many guys revealed that the girls they went on a date with brought her good-best-friend along with her. It gives a bad signal and no wonder; the guy will surely not want to see you again.

So, strictly avoid bringing your friend with you.

  1. Don’t always expect the guy to pay the BILL

A guy expects you to at-least say “Oh, should we pay it 50-50”. You know, it sounds good too. He might later say “Oh no no…I’ll pay it” So, then that’s cool but don’t sit with an attitude as in only he has to pay the bill.

These were the things girls must avoid on the first date. Guys, do you have anything to add? Let us know in a comment below.

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