Indian American doctor writes health guide with twist of humor

An Indian American doctor has brought out a book on short-term memory loss or dementia chalking out positive steps people should take to prevent it — all with a humorous twist. Sandeep Grewal’s ‘Dementia Express: 100 Ways to Lose Your Memory’ makes people aware of how they are contributing to their own mental decline, and how to take positive steps to prevent this, according to a press statement Thursday. The book, which has captured the attention of professionals in the medical field, incorporates humour while addressing the serious subject of mental decline. This mix keeps the reader entertained while still being informative about mental functions. “The book explains that reducing mental exercise will accelerate memory loss and vice versa. Therefore, Dementia Express is loaded with brain boosting tips to retrain the brain to bring back mental acuity to the reader,” the statement said. The writer encourages readers to complete small tasks to stimulate the brain like changing a daily routine, and small lifestyle adjustments that delay or eliminate dementia. Grewal practises internal medicine at Rock Hill in South Carolina.



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