10 Things That Your Girlfriend Is Probably Hiding From You !

Things girlfriend is hiding

Things girlfriend is hiding – Do you think your girl is telling you everything and is being completely honest with you? Think again!!

Here is a list of things that your Things girlfriend is hiding from you:

Things girlfriend is hiding –

1.  Ex Boyfriends

She would not like to talk about her Ex boyfriend because of the fear of comparison between the past & the present relationship. And also in the fear of that you might think she was the reason for their breakup.


2.  Sexual Dissatisfaction

A girl never wants to De-motivate her guy when it comes to bed performance as it can hurt him a lot. And that’s why the girls have mastered the art of FAKING..!! She’ll ‘fake it’ until you ‘make it’.

sexual dissatisfaction

3.  Her Feelings About YOUR Family Members

Now for a guy the most important thing in his life apart from his friends and favorite sport is his family. So even she might not like your Mom or hates your little nagging sister, she’ll always say ‘Oh! She is so cute’.


4.  Girl Talks

There are two things in the world that you’ll probably never know about; first the secret of Bermuda Triangle and second is what happens during that ‘All Girls Night Out’ a.k.a. Pajama Parties.


5.  Her Crazy Desires

If you think that you are the only one who has crazy desires then you are wrong! Even your girlfriend has some crazy desires and it can be anything from sky diving to having sex with a celebrity.


6.  Evil Pranks Played By Her

Yes! Even girls play pranks on other and some of them are pretty nasty or evil even for us! So not just sibling rivalry but also girls’ hostel & collage rivalries go a long way and they can do anything to take their revenge! Beware guys & don’t wake up that evil side of your girl.


7.  Her Personal Insecurities

The reason many girls don’t share this information even with their Bf is because they are afraid that either the guy won’t be able to understand it or will start thinking that she is weak and might even use that thing against her or to manipulate/exploit her.


8.  Past or Present Crush

Well celebrity crushes are fine but what if your girlfriend had a crush on your best friend in the past or has a crush on her colleague or her BOSS!


9.  Physical Flaws

Women are always very skeptical about their looks; they would treat a small mole or a pimple on their body as a big scar and will think of it as a big turn off.


10.  Things that guys do or say and she pretends to like but actually HATES IT!!

A BIG BIG advice for the guys..Bro whenever you call her by some random sweet name or do something in particular for her or for yourself, make sure you think twice!! Because many times it happens that girls might not like or even hate these small things that you do or say to them but will never tell you the truth so that your ego doesn’t get hurt.


So what else do you think girlfriends hide from their boyfriends?

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