5 Things Women Do To Make Their Ex-Boyfriends Jealous


Many times girls would want to make their ex-boyfriends jealous.

This urge comes up when they want to make their ex feel bad about the break up (if he is the one who dumped you). And some time girls want their ex should cry to sleep at night and show how he had a big loss.

Below are some things women do in order to make their Ex go green.

  1. Makeover

It’s very common that girls over to show their ‘New You’. Many girls start posting their oh-so-hot pictures on social sites so that they their ex gets to know about your make over. Girls feel makeover is one of the sure-fire ways to make ex super jealous.

  1. Photos with other guys or posting about fun stuff

This is probably the easiest way to make ex jealous. In order to make their ex jealous girls do post their images with other guys and that does do drive guys crazy. Many would want to showcase how their life is not ended with the split. This is a fun process for a girl to make her ex go insanely jealous. So girls would post about their fun parties and cool concert as soon as possible on social media.

  1. Start Dating Other Guys

Girls who would make their ex jealous would date other guys or turn up with other guys in parties. This thing surely freaks him out. Dating ultimately helps girls to get over their past. This can also be a great way to show how you have move and make him jealous as well.

  1. By showing how happy you are and by being civil and calm towards him.

Guys hate when girls do not feel that bitterness post break up. So some girls can make their ex jealous by not paying attention towards him often and by becoming neutral to no replies to his texts and so on. Being civil will drive him nuts and girls resort to this way too.

  1. Winning At Life.

Being single helps us to focus more on other things. Girls tend to showcase how they are great their career. Showcases their promotion and make their ex super about their new and exciting life.

It’s common to make the guys jealous but one should not resort to extreme steps or focus on revenge which can lead to some major issues. One should focus only on making lives better.

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