Dove’s New Campaign Challenges To See The Beauty In Yourself By Changing This Nursery Rhyme!

Dove's New Campaign

Dove’s New Campaign

In India, beauty seems to be a defining factor in many ways. Frankly, it’s been measured on the basis of how thin, bold & sexy plus how curvy you are. Isn’t it?

And, undoubtedly these stereotypical attitude is all that has been defining our beauty. Even today we have been taught that people will stare and judge us by our skin. And hauntingly “Be your own kind of beautiful” is just a saying. Right?

…..Because-Beauty and the society!

No wonder, society has played an important role in creating these stereotypical images. And so far it has now gone into the nerves because every time it just proved the outer beauty should be attractive as compared to the inner beauty. All done and said; many also trapped in between such “so-called” stereotypical picture.

But, enough of all that –

Beauty is within you!

Yes! And, therefore no matter how thin, fat, short and even tall you are; the beauty is all within you. Beauty should not be a state of mind instead it should be the feeling of your self-confidence in you that appreciates you.

Once again, no matter if you’re dark-skinned, manly or even the fattiest girl because no amount of body-shaming can ever define you in your beautiful life. In the end, don’t forget beauty is the word from beautiful and that’s what exactly you are in your life. All you need to do is keep your head up high and be confident to beat that nursery rhyme you’ve always been taught.

Remember this?

Chubby Cheeks, Dimpled chin

Rosy Lips, Teeth within.

Curly hair, Very fair

Eyes are blue, Lovely too.

Teacher’s pet, Is that you?

Well, it’s time you take a step and break this rule of beauty that always defined you with a stereotypical tag. In order to do that Dove has already taken a step and a chance to change this nursery rhyme. And, now it’s your turn.

Check out Dove’s inspiring video below:

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