Here Are The 5 Cozy Rainy Day Ideas You Need To Try

Rainy day ideas

Rainy day ideas – Come Monsoons, your heart is aflutter as there is pitter-patter outside and you are deterred from doing the everyday activities as conveniently.

You rather choose to sit back and relax over a cup of coffee and watch the rain from your window instead.

There is no parallel to watching rains as it soaks us up with nostalgia and stimulates your aesthetic nerve. However, when there is your beloved in tow, it becomes cozier as you get to bare your heart out to her or just while away time doing nothing.

One of these rainy days are just the perfect shoe-in for making memories and here are the cosy things you can do with your partner when to make it worth your while:

Rainy day ideas –

1 – Make a romantic meal together:

Well, the term a romantic meal is ambiguous because romanticism is not edible. Jokes apart, you can make a sumptuous lunch together and enjoy it while watching the rain pour cats and dogs outside. Men generally seek escape from cooking citing it’s a woman’s job but wait, there is nothing like cooking that strengthens your bond. So turn the heat on, click on your favourite culinary blog, single out a recipe and go about it.

2 – Prowl on something sweet:

Rainy days are perfect to indulge in eating something sweet, that is to say, satiate your sweet tooth. Forget the calorie counts for a day and treat your taste buds to the delectable chocolate mousse. After all, what’s in togetherness if there is no food that almost gives you an orgasm? Try out, it’s fun.

3 – Make it a spa day, instead:

Transform your rainy day into a spa day. There is nothing more pampering than this as it relaxes her and who knows she must be turned on to have a steamy sex in the aftermath? why don’t you get wet when the atmosphere outside is wet too? *read between the lines* lol.

4 – Play a board game together:

Now do some brain gymnastics and pick up a indoor scrabble championship with her. Besides boosting your vocab, it will give you serious reasons to laugh together.

6 – Play truth and dare:

Boys, seize the opportunity to ask her the secrets about her best friend that she always keeps from you. Or make her do wild things that she has always shied away from doing in bed. Walk at the wild side you two! All the best, peeps.

7 – Binge watch shows:

Mmm let me give you options, Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Sex and the City, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, 13 reasons why, phew! Breathe.

8 – Spend the day naked in bed:

Pull a royal ditch on your clothes, get into the bed, snuggle up and munch on wafers. This will bring you closer to each other and renew your love. Go for it.

These are rainy day ideas – We so wish everyday in the rainy days  we could spend like this thus making them count. But what could one do? Sigh.

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