6 Reasons Why Do We Enjoy Sex In Monsoons!

Sex In Monsoons

Sex In Monsoons – Anytime is a good time for sex!

Ask people if there is any time that they don’t want to have sex?

The answer will be NO!! Ask them if there is a special time for sex and then their answers will vary as per their taste and preferences. Some will say its night or for some it is early morning and so on and so forth.

Monsoons, the rainy season is one such season that makes everyone that extra turned on for some action between the sheets.

We bring to you 6 major reasons why sex is special in monsoons for everyone to wait for this special season of love:

Sex In Monsoons –

1) It is a wet season!

Get the drift? Come on, it is the most obvious reason for everyone to feel extra horny! Obviously the drenched wet bodies call for some action and you long for your partner to rock the night! With rains outside and the rain of love inside accompanied by thunderstorms and lightening, it just sets up the whole environment perfect for a beautiful love session!

2) Pleasant Weather

Monsoons make the weather pleasant and one feels relaxed enough to act on their carnal desires. Soft wind blowing, with tiny rain droplets cooling off the whole atmosphere makes you hot and eager to let go off those remaining clothes stopping you from becoming one with nature.

3) Water and Fire

Water and fire are always considered a deadly combination. When hard hitting rain collides with the heat generated by the passion of two bodies, only miracles happen! Sex becomes more meaningful and pleasurable when the forces of nature clash to create magic. Nothing can beat it!

4) Wet Clothes

Bollywood movies have made so many leading actors and actresses get wet in their rain songs. The simple reason being, human body covered in wet clothes is a sure-shot formula for arousals! Who doesn’t love their partner fully drenched and oozing sensuality without even trying? It’s a sight to soothe your senses, not to mention to act upon as well!

5) Perfect Season

Summers are too dry, hot and sticky for us to even considering hitting the sack. Winters are too cold to spend time the act of sexual gratification. Monsoons are like the perfect gift from nature to just let go of all your inhibitions, relax your mind and only consider giving pleasure to your partner and deriving some for yourself! The senses just become stimulated that extra bit required to make sex not just an act, but a fantabulous performance!

6) Music

Are you musically inclined? Well, which other season has as many songs dedicated to it in regards to romance than the rainy season? Listen to any language of the world; it will have songs dedicated to rains and romance. The music just adds on the pleasures of the moment and gives a distinct ambience to the whole atmosphere making it look like a fantasy coming true!

Sex In Monsoons – What are you waiting for, hit the bed! Monsoons are here just for a while, don’t miss the action!

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