Where To Find Love

Places where one can find love – This might be the most ridiculous thing to say, but you certainly CAN find love at certain places. It is definitely the most complicated feeling in the world, but it’s also the most rewarding and fulfilling.

Love makes you do things you’d never otherwise and wants you to be a better person. So Places where one can find love, where exactly can you find love…we tell you. Read on:

Places where one can find love –

In friendship:
Love is friendship, at least that’s what Bollywood has taught us. But it’s true. Love is just an extension of friendship where you realise that you just can’t live without this person. You will very well be able to find love with your bestfriend. He/she could be all that you’re not, and that’s what it a wonderful union. You complement and better each other. You’re there for each other and have seen each other through the best and worst. Need we say anything more?


In loving yourself:
As cheesy as it might sound, loving yourself is the surest way to have someone else fall for you. Unless you’re confident, outgoing and love things about you that make you unique and wonderful. If you’re not optimist, nobody else will think you’re worth their time and energy. Remember, life is too short to be someone else, so live your life the way you want to.


In not being pushy:
Being motivated is one thing, but being pushy is something different altogether. Don’t jump into situation with the idea of falling in love, but enjoy each moment and leave the rest to destiny. If you do find love on the way, great. But it doesn’t lead to anything concrete, forget and move on. Think of it as a learning experience and brace yourself for whatever it up next.


On social networking sites:
This might not have been the case a decade back, but most couples these days are a product of Facebook and Twitter love. What’s more, it lasts too! Since both are from the same social generation and love being online throughout the day. It’s like a match made in heaven, no? But when you do add somebody new to your list, don’t chat them up with the idea of dating them. Try to strike a friendship, get to know each other well and then see where it goes!


In going out more:
Get away from your work and college…and get out. Yes, you won’t find love sitting at home. So go clubbing, to book clubs, gym, dance classes, local fun events, community events, local fests and other places where you are sure to find like-minded people. The chances of you hitting it up with them is higher if you share at least something in common with them. You can also make use of social Apps like YoTurf to find people who are like you.


Places where one can find love – All said and done, love can hardly be found. As it comes looking for you. Be a better person and laugh more. So, love will find a way towards your heart.

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