Tricks To Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

Tricks to perfectly shape eyebrows

Shaping The Eyebrows

Tricks to perfectly shape eyebrows – The shape of your eye-brows describes your facial appearance.

A right eye-brow shape makes the facial features look amazing whereas the wrong one makes the facial appearance look absolutely terrible.

Well, shaping an eye-brow is a little bit difficult task & is always easily noticeable on face.

Therefore, while shaping eye-brows; everything should be observed & studied clearly for e.g. the length of face, the thickness level of eye-brow as well.

Here are the tricks to perfectly shape eyebrows at home:

  • Study where the inner brow must start & end by holding a pencil vertically in front of your face. Make a mark about how you want your eye-brows to look e.g. if you want it close then line it up with a straight edge and if you want it apart then line it up in a way that it touches the outer edge of your nose and inside of your eye.
  • Mark the point where your arch should peak: Make sure to look forward & keep your eyes looking straight into the mirror. Later, turn the angle of straight edge in a way that it lines up the outer part of your nose & pupil. Later; make the exact spot where the line meets the eyebrow.
  • Study where the outer brow must end by simply placing the pencil at the outer edge of your nose & also outer edge of your eye. Hence, mark the line and repeat it for the other eye as well.
  • While determining the bottom edge of your brow for thickness; just follow the line at the lower edge of your brow and later check the natural curve of your eye-brow.
  • Use an eye-brow pencil to give a fine touch. Use a darker shaded pencil if the brows are light and choose a lighter shade pencil if the brows are already darker.
  • Brush your eye-brows smoothly to get it in a good shape.
  • While using the gel; you can also use the simple mascara as a brow gel depending on the colour because it works equally well.
  • At last if you feel there’s a hair left out then do trim it correctly.

 Hope you get these tricks to perfectly shape eyebrows.

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