The Deepening Difference Between “Bharat” & “India”

Bharat and India

Bharat and India –¬†Along with many politicians, some religious gurus have also accused women for crimes against them.

Whenever it comes to matters like #metoo, they keep Western civilization in the dock.

At the same time, the society of Europe and America does not bother that their people are deteriorating from Indian civilization, even when a large number of Indians are living there.

Bharat and India

People believe that our society is based upon caste system and the victims of this system are dalit, tribal and backward as well as the women. But we often forget that our country has the richest past. Our culture is so rich and full of colors. We shouldn’t forget that it is the country where we worship girls as god. However we cannot deny the fact that the same gender is facing a tough time, their safety is in danger.

But instead of blaming the culture we should do a self analysis and understand the origin of this problem. And I am sure when you do this analysis you will understand that it is not the culture but the deepening difference between Bharat and India. People often criticize the culture but forget that these problems are not inherited in our culture but have came with foreign elements. For example, we all criticize the ancient rituals like Jauhar but doesn’t understand that no lady was forced to commit Jauhar, but they chose Jauhar instead of becoming sex slaves of evil men. They were ready to sacrifice their life in Jauhar but was never ready to give up in front of those devils.

Bharat and India

Similarly, we always criticize the traditions like Sati, but never understand the reason behind it. Sati was not a ritual of our culture, it is nowhere given in our scriptures. But women started following this after the reception of Mugals in India. Because it was Mugals policy to kill the men and use their women as sex slaves. And a real woman will always decide to sacrifice her life with respect instead of becoming a sex slave. It is not that we support such traditions in today’s time. No today, fortunately women are thousand times more empowered than before but instead of criticizing them we should understand their situation as well.

Bharat and India

And the major reason that our social and cultural values are detoriating day by day is we all running behind western culture. It is not bad to adapt good things from other cultures but forgetting our own cultural values in not a way.

Not only in terms of culture, our country has an amazing history in all the aspects of human life. Be it science, astronomy, math, medicine or anything, we have a great history. It is India where the people knew the art of telepathy even before any technolgical advancement.

Bharat and India

And the base of everything was education, but even the education system has vecome very tough in India, however, in Bharat we had an amazing education system where no one was forced to gather bookish knowledge instead they were taught skills. And due to this distorted education system people are running behind jobs whereas earlier people used to run behind skills and hated to be called a servent.

Bharat and India – However things are changing, we should adapt good things from others but should not forget our values. We really hope that this difference between Bharat and India will be filled soon.

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