How Does Falling In Love With Yourself Make You A Better Person?


Let’s be different.

By the way, have you ever thought of falling in love with yourself? Believe me, it makes you a better person.

How? Let’s see  how does falling in love with yourself make you a better person?

Boosts your Self Confidence

When you love yourself, you stop criticizing yourself. And the moment you stop criticizing yourself, you accept yourself. And with acceptance comes confidence. You become comfortable with your flaws. Instead of running away from them, you accept them and try to improve yourself. This keeps you away from fear of other people pointing at your flaws and you having to face them when you are just not ready. This self-acceptance definitely boosts your confidence making you walk with grace and poise even in a room full of crowd, because you fear none.

No Balaji Telefilms Drama in Life

A person who is in love with herself/himself is emotionally independent. This keeps him/her away from negative emotions like jealousy, insecurity, constant need for attention, envy, and fear. You start refraining from creating drama in your as well as other people’s life.

In Love with Your Own Company

Oh, how you need the other person 24/7 when you fall in love. You do not need anyone else. When with your love, you glow. Same thing happens when you fall in love with yourself. Alone will never mean you are lonely. You will never sit at home bored because you wanted to go for a movie and no one was available to accompany you.

When you start exploring the world alone, check in at all the happening places on Facebook, the world will automatically join you.

More in Touch with Yourself

Remember how you sit down when your loved ones when they feel low trying to figure out what is wrong and then come up with a solution? You will do this favour to yourself too when you accept and love yourself. You will never need anyone else to console and make you feel better. Instead, you will lock yourself in a room or go to a beach, ask yourself what is bothering you, and then come up with a solution. This will keep you away from depression, as well.

No Fake Relationships and Relationship Dramas

Person who does not love himself/herself needs someone to constantly make him/her feel loved. This constant need to be with someone makes the person accept anyone in life, fall in love often – most of the times with wrong people creating all the relationship drama as soon as you realize the other person is not the one you are looking for.

Falling in love with yourself makes you glow as only positivity fills you. You stay away from people who like dramas and who create dramas. With a better understanding of yourself and of other people, you choose your company wisely.

Loving yourself gives you the power to choose happiness, come what may.


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