5 Reasons Why You Should Not Compare Your Relationship With Others.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not

Compare relationship with others – Relationships between couple require a lot of understanding and commitment. Comparison brings a lot of complication that cannot be solved.

Before getting into relation it becomes necessary to keep one thing in mind is every person has individuality. If you try to compare, you are putting your relationship in danger and therefore you should not compare your relationship.

Your relation is unique and incomparable, so you should not compare relationship with others.

Is your partner shy? And you find your friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend smarter and friendly. There is nothing to compare unless your partner is friendly and committed to you. Comparison in a relation to other couples regarding their dressing style or talking style will end in bringing up difficulties.

Instead of comparing to others one should encourage each other through different ways so that they ameliorate themselves. Improve their drawbacks to give some better to the relationship. But changing a person to become like someone else may lead your relationship into danger.

Do not compare relationship with others –

1 – May lead to break up

Too much comparison may lead to breaking up in the relation, as it becomes disheartening for any partner who is compared pointing at the drawbacks and on the other hand a desire to get a better partner. But it is not at all true that if anyone fulfils those drawback will be a perfect match, as no human is perfect. You find mistakes and drawbacks in one then it is common that you will find it in your next partner.

2 – Relations and compatibility differs

Couples differ from another in terms of compatibility, in one you may find sharing same interests related to travelling, food habits or maybe clothing. In few couples, they do not share a single interest but still, they are liberal enough to complete each other as a couple. It entirely depends on a relation that the couple carries out in order to make a better compatibility day by day.

Compare relationship with others

3 – Creates unhealthy relation

While your relation to any other couples then you will find that it may lead to an unhealthy relationship. While you compare your partner’s imperfections which is better in another couple’s will finally lead to hesitations and secrecy. As your partner will always try to hide their drawbacks and may not be always comfortable about it in the relation. Happiness hides in supporting each other despite all differences, so you should not compare your relationship with others.

Compare relationship with others

4 – People may lie about their relations

Are you wondering about their happy life without any sort of problems in their relationship? Any sort of relation always passes through different kind of problems. If you find any couples explaining their relation to be perfect and no fights or difference in their choices. As it is already known that every individual has their own choices irrespective of the genders. Agree on every situation irrespective of being right or wrong to indicate that your partner is trying to manage so that no differences take place.

Compare relationship with others

You should not compare relationship with others – This should not be the situation, both the partner should be honest enough and the relationship should be liberal enough to speak the truth. This increases the bonding, shows your partners care for you and no one side compromises in the relation. This is one more reason you should not compare your relationship with others.

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