Why Men Don’t Like Shopping

Men, since time immemorial, find shopping boring. Unlike us women, who shudder with enthusiasm when someone asks us to tag along on their shopping spree, men will definitely give that dramatic eye roll to the proposal. They would, instead, spread on the couch and watch gibberish on the TV, well godspeed them! Even worse, your man will keep hurrying you up while you are just halfway though your shopping. So, It is always better to take your bestie aboard on your shopping ventures. Someone has rightly said, sisters before misters, phew!

One more reason, as we have figured out,  why men hate shopping is that they don’t want to part with their money. Shopping is a hazardous undertaking for them because it digs a hole in their pocket. Hilariously though, your man will check the price tag of every dress you pick and frown upon the ones whose prices are on the higher side in full public view. How awkward is that! Well we are not holding every man guilty of making us feel awkward while shopping, there are some men who readily agree to accompany their women to shopping.

Once, NPR had reported that factors like speed and convenience pay a major role in men’s decision. They won’t scale highways and byways to shop but do it at the comfort of their homes. Hence, studies have proved that when it comes to online shopping, men tend to have deeper pockets than women. The Bureau of Labor Statistics have debunked the theory that men hate shopping as they have found out Men make sizeable impulse purchases as compared to women. They, in fact shop at full price retailers rather than bargain hunts to save energy, erm! Research has further shown that men readily pay significantly more than women during sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday  where they specially buy expensive gadgets and appliances.

According t a 2016 Business Insider survey, 40 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 34 would buy anything online in an ideal scenario, beating women of the same age range. Only 34 percent of women, in that matter , will indulge in impulsive buying as that. Studies have also proved that there is a difference in the behaviour among men and women when they shop in brick-and-mortar stores. In there, you will see a man shopping with more urgency. According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, “This behaviour helps men maintain their traditional masculine identity”.

We admonish men for hating shopping because they are impatient. You will notice that a man’s interest drops in only 25-30 minutes while they are out for shopping. Cmparatively, a woman’s interest lasts up to a good two or three hours. What’s really annoying is that they make weird faces while accompanying you to your shopping trips but are never fatigued when shopping online!

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