US Return Restarts His Career With Aquaponic Farming

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Jegan Vincent, the US return engineer took the initiative to work in aquaponic farming. He bought land of one acre to start his farming in aquaponics and fish farming. Seeking a brighter scope it was about five years ago that Vincent purchased the one acre of land for his farming.

Pisciculture and growing aqua plants

The practice of farming was for the last five years and now the production of the fish from the pond is about 45 tonnes per year. Above all the farming includes aqua plants and vegetables. The production of vegetables per month is 5 to 6 tonnes. The entire yield from the aquaponics is high and progressing day by day.

Jegan aims to increase the production of his farming from the land. If similar progress carries on then in few years he expects the yields will be high as equal to 7 acres.  His knowledge and skills have helped him to cultivate the farming system strategically.

According to him, mentioning the details of the farming soil is necessary for providing support and nutrition to the plants. But mostly if the soil acts in providing the support for the plants then the water bodies can provide the nutrition to the plants.

His skills in farming and pisciculture have given him a strong growth in his career to be independent. Vincent and his aquaponic farming are exemplars of inspiring other farmers to grow plants and vegetables.

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Vincent’s skills and dedication to aquaponic farming

Buying the one-acre land was with 40 liters of the reservoir. The exciting part of his aquaponic farming is growing the plants in water. It does not get any support from the soil nor any nutrition. But the entire nutrition is provided from the water. The plant’s support is the metal stone grids floating on water. So, almost no land is applicable for the growing of vegetables.

Apart from it, the fish are grown in the same pond with proper nutrition and hygiene. Dealing with such multipurpose massive growth is not easily possible. It requires proper monitoring of the condition of air, water, and soil.

His experience in balancing between the air, cleaning the water as well as sufficient regulation of water is helping the rapid growth. The fish’s food supplies act as the nutrition for the plants, the cycle is continuous and beneficial to the entire productions. He uses a high volt-motor to provide a continuous water supply into the reservoir.

 Invitation to the researchers and universities

After the successful development of his aquaponic farming, Jegan is sharing his experiments and growth with the researcher and universities. It is open to researchers and universities. Apart from it, he offers classes to guide the farmers on farming.

No overuse of fertilizer, strictly targeting on natural implementation for organic growth of the plants and the fish.

Aquaponic farming is one of the distinctive conceptions that is giving a new technique and thought. About more than 70 types of vegetables and fishes are of 9 types.

The uniqueness of his farm is the only one acre of land provides not only the maximum but the multi-purpose sector in farming.

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