Try These Hilarious Tricks If You Want To Save Your Relationship With Her

Save your relationship

Save your relationship – There are many things that plague a rather healthy relationship between a boy and a girl.

One of predominant one of them is that we take each other for granted halfway through the relationship. The willy-nilly hangouts, the late night romantic calls, sex everything turns boring and you ask each other to cut a slack.

But then taking someone for granted also symbolizes that you have found your soulmate and you are cocksure they will find peace nowhere else apart from you. But then, sometimes the relationship needs a boost too, that is to say a breath of fresh air, to be revamped.

It is an imperative to make your relationship prosper because taking one granted more than the bearable limit can lead the relationship into sparse.

Here are the fun ways you can save your relationship with her if you know she is the one for you:

Remind her of the earlier days of wooing:

You too may have suffered from the stalker syndrome to win her love. You may have been the one to initiate the conversation, praise her beauty, sweep her off her feet by your flirting skills and took her on board. However, it’s a tendency in men to take her for granted once she falls in love too. But then when you see she too is turning a tad cold, you need to give her anecdotes from those days so that she falls in love with you all over again.

Learn to forgive her for keeping the back-up boyfriend:

Let us spill the beans, girls do keep back-up boyfriends. At least your pretty girlfriend will always have a fanbase and a couple of secret admirers. Of course this can make you a little insecure because they will readily lend their shoulders to her for crying when you may have had misbehaved but learning to forgive her for looking elsewhere is a key trick to save your relationship with her nonetheless.

Keep your slate clean:

Of course your girl can exploit her back-up boyfriends but they will never stand if you flirt around. They will put on their detective hat and track down all the whatsapp chats, so to be on a safe side and not to invite her wrath, keep your slate clean, you know what we mean right? *winks*

Give her space:

May be a spacecraft too, well, jokes apart, your girl needs some girl-time with her fellow ‘woo girls’ too. So, if you have a clingy ass, soothe it and don’t tag along pretending to know all their secrets and sneering when she is having a gala time with her girlfriends. This will help you earn respect too in her eyes. Try it!

Do ‘specials’:

That is to say, the ‘firsts’ together. Like peeing together for the first time or changing trying out a new sex position. This is a surefire way to give your relationship a new spin and you can thereby save it too.

These are the ways you can Save your relationship – These days people are ‘exchangable’. We mean, youngsters.

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