5 Reasons Why Loving Someone Too Much Kills The Love

Loving someone too much

Loving someone too much – Love is the most basic human need. Being loved is something all of us strive for.

We keep looking for that one person whom we could love and whom we get love in return from.  When you are in a relationship or are married, you need to express your love to your partner. This is something you need to do consistently, so that they realize you care for them. But, excess of anything is not good.

The same goes for love. Here are 5 reasons why loving someone too much kills the love.

Loving someone too much –

  1. You become overprotective about them

It is good to be protective about your partner but being too overprotective is not a good thing. We like being looked after by our loved ones but would not appreciate it if somebody is keeping an eye on us constantly. Even if your intention is not to keep a tab on your partner’s activities, if you are overprotective about them, they will think that you do not trust them. That will lead to many more misunderstandings which will have an adverse impact on your relationship.

Loving someone too much

  1. Taking them away from friends

When you are in love, you long for your partner and always feel the desire to meet them or to be with them. You always urge your partner to spend their free time with you and in the process you end up taking them away from their friends and other important people in their lives. You might be an important part of your life but they have other important people in their lives too. You must make an effort to get along with their friends as well.

  1. They take you for granted

When your partner feels that you dote on them completely and are totally devoted to them, they can, consciously or subconsciously, take you for granted at times. They might be the most important person in your life but your value in their life might just start diminishing. They will start feeling you will continue to love them as much even if they do not give you enough attention. A certain distance is necessary for them to know the importance of your presence in their life.

Loving someone too much

  1. Kills the mystery

Even though it is important to know your partner well, there should always be something about them that comes across as mysterious to you. This one element keeps the spark in the relationship alive and makes things exciting in the long run. There must be something about your partner that continues to excite and entice you towards them. If you cling on to your partner all the time, that charm or aura about them or your relationship will fade away gradually.

Loving someone too much

  1. Curbs their freedom

You might not realise this but when you love somebody too much and make them an inseparablepart of your life, you star curbing their freedom, even though you do not want to do that. You start shouldering their responsibilities and taking charge of several aspects of your life that they can manage by themselves. After getting into a relationship with you, your partner should not feel that their freedom is being restricted.

Loving someone too much

Tese are the reasons loving someone too much – When you are in love, you must make sure that you make your partner feel happy, secure and loved. You must be willing to make sacrifices and compromises for the sake of your loved one’s happiness. At the same time, it is important to understand that there is acertain line that must not be crossed. You should not be overprotective or overbearing on your partner.

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