10 Ways You Destroy Your Career Unknowingly! Avoid These At All Costs!

Mistakes that ruin career

Mistakes that ruin career – Many of us, who are either seasoned at their career or are very new, make certain Mistakes that ruin career.

The mistakes that mar the reputation at the office and make one look like an utterly unprofessional person. Sometimes we are not even aware of such gaffes. Most of the times,  it’s the gradual accumulation of smaller offenses that keeps one from getting ahead in their careers.

Let’s have a look at those prominent 10 Mistakes that ruin career. If you wish to have a flourishing feat in your professional domain, you must avoid these.

Mistakes that ruin career –

  1. You Do Not Accommodate And Learn To Adapt The Company Culture

In the current times, almost every organisation and office has their own peculiar culture, the rules, and the customs they like to abide by. If you stick to your own style in the office and are wary of going with the norms of the organisation, you would probably become an outcast and will suffer. This attitude is alienating to co-workers and makes it seem like you don’t care about forming positive relationships in the office.


  1. You Are Not Meeting The Job Requirements And Are Accustomed To Making Lame Excuses

If you are making many mistakes, not finishing the tasks within desired timelines, and yet not taking responsibility of your actions, it will eventually reflect on your performance graph. You must either brace yourself to deliver the best, or at least own up to your shortcomings and seek help from co workers and seniors on your problem areas.


  1. You Dress Up Messy In The Office

No matter how much you ignore it, the way you dress up at your work place, adds on to your overall persona. If you are always dressed up shabbily, especially when you are in a corporate culture, you will be looked down upon. Messed up look projects you as a lazy, uninterested and irresponsible person. Remember the age-old saying: Dress for the job you want.


  1. You Are Rude And Exude A Negative Attitude

If you are perpetually a negative person and displaying a bad attitude towards the co-workers and juniors, you are saying goodbye to your career, silently. You also become a nuisance to your boss and can drag down your team. Doing good work doesn’t matter if no one wants to work with you. Not only does rudeness alienate co-workers, but most managers won’t tolerate abrasive and inconsiderate employees. Remember, being polite is a key to winning people over.


  1. You Are Deliberately Staying Aloof And Not Building Relationships

Forming friendships with your co-workers of as much importance as handling your projects efficiently.  If you stay aloof and do not make deliberate efforts to form positive associations and friendships with your colleagues, chances are, you will not be a well liked person in your office, which will affect your job adversely.


  1. You Write Unprofessional Mails To Associates And Colleagues

No matter how friendly you are in person, snappy language can easily be misconstrued in an email. Even if it’s unintentional, rude emails immediately sour your reputation around the office and keep others from wanting to interact with you. If you are doing it constantly, you are not the person to work with.


  1. You Are Usually Late At Work And A Master At Procrastination

If you are the one always entering late, you give out an impression that your job is not that important to you. It projects you as disrespectful and uncaring, making people wary of trusting you. Coming late to work also makes you a procrastinator. Having lesser time at work would mean that you would be putting off projects until the last minute. It not only puts stress on you, but it hinders the progress of every other person relying on your portion of the work. If something goes wrong, you’ll likely be the first one blamed.


  1. You Are Not A Meaningful Contributor To The Organisation 

If you do not know your work well and do not contribute positively, you are making all wrongs work for you. Saying something in a meeting just for the sake of speaking doesn’t add anything productive. You must have little extra knowledge apart from the usual work profile and help others around you too.


  1. You Ignore Emails Intentionally

No matter how occupied you are, if you not take out time to reply to the emails briefly, you are killing it all. Be the emails from your bosses, subordinates or business associates, if they are sleeping in your inbox for weeks, without any action or reply to them, you are likely to get blacklisted.


  1. You Have No Focus On Long Term Goals

Though it’s important to be engaged with your everyday work, it’s equally crucial to concentrate on how to proceed on the career graph. Taking out time to sit and ponder and make long term strategies is of utmost importance. If you are not doing that, you are ruining your career yourself. Don’t look at opportunities in terms of instant perks,  like a better pay check or material perks, but instead consider how the opportunities will elevate your career overall.


Mistakes that ruin career – If you are making any of these mistakes, make sure you correct them right away. It is important that you take productive steps in your career and let it flourish in a positive direction.

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