11 Crazy Things To Do In Love

Crazy things to do in love

Crazy things to do in love – Love is an awesome feeling and has its own language.

Although, an expression is the best way to showcase this beautiful emotion. As a result, people go crazy in love and perform actions that make the falling in love official. But, it takes a lot of courage to announce your fondness for someone in front of the world. One common way to express love for the partner is by playing songs like “Crazy for You” and “Crazy in Love” at a high volume.But, still, there are people who want to take their love to a different level and eventually, they want to do more than playing loud music. Thus, the lovebirds across the world take a step ahead and do mad things in love. These actions in love can be strange for people, but everything is fair in love and war.

Wait! People do insane things when in love, but still, there are many who wish to know what are the Crazy things to do in love. Thus, we have bought a list of things to do when in love.

Crazy things to do in love –

1 – Getting Inked – 

Tattoo is a new trend in love and love has no boundaries. That is why both men and women flaunt their beloved partner’s name as a tattoo on their body. Another reason to get a tattoo is to feel the togetherness and love of your partner always. This is one of the crazy things to do in love. Men usually get inked on their arm or chest. Whereas the ladies flaunt love by getting their partner’s name inked on the neck, arm or lower back or even on the waist.

Crazy things to do in love

2 – Being Around

Love makes you think about that special person all the time. It is easy to do this by hanging around with friends, going out on a date, dinner or a movie.

Crazy things to do in love

3 – Telling A Lie – 

Love makes a person passionate about the partner. Thus, people lie to their partner just to keep the relationship going. Most of these lies are like, “I am pregnant”, “I am not well”, “Please be with me” and many more. Surprisingly, this thing is common among the crazy things to do in love across the world.

4 – Change in Mindset 

You have a different opinion on few things and never agree with other on these issues. But, you nod to agree with these things as that special someone has a positive thought about it. Another reason for this is to be on the same page with the person you are in love with. This change is sudden and a step taken unconsciously.

5 – Behaving with Etiquette

Etiquette is an order of good mannerism. People behave carelessly sometimes. But, love changes you as a person and thus we start behaving with utmost manners in life. Especially in front of the lover. This is one of the first crazy things to do in love.

6 – Weaving Conversation –

You will always come up with the name of that special someone in your conversations with friends and family. Although, you can take their name directly or indirectly by referring them as a best friend. Love controls the overall thinking process. Thus, you feel like to keep talking about that special person all the time.

7 – Introduction to Mother –

Love makes people go completely mad. That you speak to mother about them without giving a second thought about your relationship. Although, this can surprise your mother as getting into a relationship is a serious thing. Thus, this is one of the crazy things to do in love.  

Crazy things to do in love

8 – Being Self Conscious – 

We start thinking much about our overall appearance. You try a couple of dresses before heading out. Also, one keeps thinking about how am I looking especially while going for an outing with the special someone.

9 – Surfing Social Media

Social media is the best platform to browse through the pictures. Thus, lovers keep checking their social media accounts every now and then. The reason behind this activity is to watch that special person all the time you are awake. This is also one of the crazy things to do in love.

10 – Being Watchful

Love makes you feel insecure sometimes. Thus, people keeping a track of the conversations their partner have with his/her friends or family. Also, you think about a particular thing all the time and then ask what that conversation was all about to the partner. This showcases your willingness to be with the partner throughout life. Hence, it is one of the crazy things people do in love.

11 – Living in Future – 

Thinking about future is good. But, thinking about living in a particular manner with the special someone is like going at a fast pace in life. But, unaware of what people will say. Many lovers do this and thus it is one of the crazy things to do in love.

Crazy things to do in love

These are the Crazy things to do in love – All these things make it to the list of the crazy things to do in love. But, one thing to remember is to think twice before doing anything. Because your single action can make or break the image forever.

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