Why Couples Go For “Live in Relationship” Before Marriage?  

Live in Relationship

Relationship is not just between your two persons, but between your minds, your hearts, and your souls. The more you strengthen relationship, the more real moments you can experience together.

But now days the definition of relationship and the marriage is changing with times. And that’s why couples are thinking to stay live in relationship before marriage.

Today we have listed out some reasons why nowadays couples prefer live in than long term commitment of marriage :

1.  No commitment

In live in relationship most people want to know about their partner before they commit each other for nuptials. So the couples give the status of ‘No committed relationship’ because they want to free and not to be bounded by any restrictions.

2.  Smooth breakups

Sometimes in relationship two people can’t understand properly each other or  they don’t like the traits of other person. And from this situation mind and ego hampering tiffs happen. This may lead to breakup and move on in life. And that’s why people take the advantage of the this live in relationship and live the further life with memories of relationship.

3.  Freedom from family planning

In live in relationship you can understand each other before marriage and can even have family planning. Because during this time one get ample of time to think about your marriage and post marriage life.

4.  More Compatibility

In this situation couple can understand each other mentally and physically. Know well and can discuss about the life planning and many more things. Live in relationship gives the space to know about your partner in detail.

5.  Independence

Live in relationship people mostly do not depend on each other.  Mostly couples like to be treated as free bird so that they can do what they  feel.

6.  Responsible for oneself

After marriage onus  of home and  burden of many family responsibilities do comes upon. But in live in relationship they can easily break up and they are only responsible for their partner.

7.  Financial Freedom

In live in relationship, partner can spend their money as they want as there are hardly restrictions or not any financial burden of family. Your money saves for yourself only and hardly it will become ‘Our’ money.

8.  Respect

In this relationship you start to understand closely to your partner and you get know how he or she actually cares for you. Through this behavior you unknowingly start to give respect.

What’s your take on live in relationship ? Sound off in the comments below.

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