A Whole New World Of Virtual Reality! 360 Degree Videos Come To YouTube!

Get ready for some definitive and interactive video-viewing folks!

YouTube has just added 360-degree video viewing support to its platform that will simply blow your mind away with its mesmerizing display of a surrounding and background detail that was previously never even thought of for a video streaming platform!

Get Ready To View A Little More Of Life!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could share your incredible videos on videos with just a little more viewing area to capture the beauty of the surroundings or its details? That would be like making someone gauge the entire moment without even having to do a Google search for the entire view!

  • Currently, 360-degree enabled videos are only viewable on some specific platforms, like the YouTube android app on or the Google Chrome browser with no extra plugin installation required.
  • All you have to do is to visit a 36o degree videos on YouTube via the aforementioned platforms, and simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the jog-dial within the video screen to move the video’s angle and its point of view around.
  • For users on Android, you simply have to swerve your phone around and the accelerometer in your phone will handle the rest.

How To Create A Video Like This?

  • To create and upload 360-degree enabled videos to the YouTube website, YouTube is collaborating with companies that make cameras like Giroptic’s 360cam,Kodak’s SP360,Bublcam, RICOH THETA and IC Real Tech’s Allie that are 360-degree equipped video cameras compatible with the newly introduced YouTube technology.
  • The upload will need a specific script to be run on the recorded video file to insert the correct format and metadata into it. This will become automatic in the future.

Currently, a few 720p quality videos are available on the website to help users understand and play around with the new feature. It is a lot of fun to able to move around in a scene and this has enhanced the interactive experience a user normally craves from certain videos on the site especially sports or action-oriented scenes.

Very soon, people owning VR (virtual reality) enabled headsets will be able to simply use their device to record a video. People having an Oculus or Google Cardboard will simply have to move their head around at a place to record or view a video with full interactivity.

Apple iOS users will have to wait for this feature to arrive for them since it is still under development.

Try this feature soon and let us know about your experience!

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