Friendship Goals : Things a Girl Shares with BFF Only

Friendship Goals

Friendship Goals – Having friends is a common thing but having a BFF – Best Friend Forever is something which many people miss in life. Although, there is a huge number of people, in fact, you might be one amongst those who are lucky to have a BFF in life with whom you share everything right from dirty secret to a common problem. In fact, girls are more close to their best friend instead of the parents, siblings or any other person they are in a relationship with.

This is because a best friend is the one person who accepts you with all the pros and cons. Hence, you trust her completely.

So, here are the top things that a girl always shares with her BFF means the Best Friend Forever:

Friendship Goals –

  1. BFF Knows Whom You have Crush On

BFF is also known as bestie and she, however,(he can also be a bestie of a girl) is the only person who knows about your latest and forever crush. Having a crush on anyone is not a sin as you love to talk, look and know about this particular person. Although, girls don’t like to let people known about whom she has a crush on but a girl always tell her BFF about him.

  1. Let Her Know What You Want to Communicate

The girls usually look around when they need to convey anything to a third person. In this case, the bestie aka the BFF comes to the rescue as you tell her what exactly you want to say/convey to a particular person. Well, this is the scenario with a third person, but a best friend forever is also a person who can help you communicate with parents, siblings and even to the spouse. Because she knows how to make you look perfect in front of others.

  1. Emotional Support

This is one thing we will want in life and for girls, this thing comes more from their BFF – the Best friend forever instead of the family. Thus, most of the girls drain out themselves in front of their bestie who always keep your spirits high no matter how difficult the time is.

  1. Sharing Embarrassing Moments

A person especially the girls try to hide their embarrassing moments from the world as they are conscious of what people will say. But, the girls don’t give a damn towhat her BFF will say. Thus, she enjoys sharing her embarrassing moments with the best friend forever and also laughs it out loud.

  1. Bitching About Everyone

The best friend forever is the one person in life who has the ability to listen with patience. Hence, the girls spell the beans about every special and common person they know in life. In fact, the girls don’t even mind bitching about their family, close relatives, boss and even boyfriend/in-laws some of the time.

  1. BFF and you Share a Common Friend Hatred

You go everywhere together from play school to a college campus and to the same company sometimes and thus you both feel annoyed by the same person. This common hatred for a person is the one thing which all girls tell their BFF –the best friend forever time and again.

  1. How Annoying Your Spouse/Boyfriend Is

Only the BFF can understand how annoying your partner is as she understands what you expect from him whereas others offer suggestions to stay calm.

  1. First Love

This is a very private thing but the girls won’t mind sharing their experience of first-time kiss or lovemaking. Almost every second girl shares this secret with her Best friend forever.

Friendship Goals – These are the top things at a girl always shares with the bestie and if someone denied doing so means that she is hiding something a lot more than this.

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