Dear Boyfriend! Let Me Give You 6 Good Reasons That You Need Me – Sincerely, The Girl In Your Life!


This open letter is from all girls to their loving boyfriends and not-so-loving ones too.

I urge all the men who have beautiful women in their lives, to read this.

My Darling Boyfriend,

When we met, it was a start to a beautiful life, stars in eyes and dreams at night. I fell in love with you, the complete you, because I know that I need you forever. And I surely want to be the girl who makes your days better, and the one who makes you say “My life has changed since I met her”.

I want you to need me always, need me for these good reasons, just like the Sun needs Sun Rays:

  1. To Cheer Away All Your Blues – You Need Me

When you feel the day is too hard and tough is the ride, I’d stand by you like a pillar and make you stride. I’ll make you remember the dreams you painted with wide open eyes, I shall inspire you to catch them before you even realize.


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