Girls These Things Happen When Your Bestie Is A Boy!

Guy as best friend

Guy as best friend – Gone are all the days, when a girl is just permitted to be friend with another.

A girl can have a friend of her choice – be it male or a female. And yes, having a boyfriend is cool but in case you have a friend that is a male, that’s super cool. Trust me. They are something that only the ones that have a guy as her bestie knows well. They may be people that keep back-bitching about just have a guy as best friend. Consider them to be no big deal.

Having a Guy as best friend is so much fun and cool. And my dear girls, all of you who got a guy as best friend can very well relate to the things that I am gonna talk about.

Here you go.

Guy as best friend –

  1. Keeps checking with the guy, you are gonna date with or already dating

He will be the most protective guy, by ensuring you are dating a right guy and not into the hands of a bad one. Agree girls?!

Guy as best friend

  1. You get the best advices from him

You can always rely on him for the best advices. He makes sure that the advices are worth helpful to you in various aspects of life.

Guy as best friend

  1. You’ll never be judged

The best part is that, you never need to worry about being judged. Trust me, the right kind of a bestie will never judge you – instead leads you to the right path.

  1. You can be your own self with him

I mean to say, no drama absolutely! No acting or drama, please. We all can be our self only with our bestie – isn’t it!!

Guy as best friend

  1. Your bestie as well as the one that protects you so well

A bestie cum bodyguard 😉 Haha, I mean to say – the one that one friend that unconditionally protects you from any danger or circumstance.

  1. You get across people that ask if you both are dating

Haha, I know there are a lot of people that will keep bugging you – if you guys are into a relationship. Stand up for each other and say ‘we are no couple’.

Guy as best friend

  1. He always stands by you, no matter what!

He will be the first one that you can always count upon. Stands by you at the time of your hardships, shares your joys and makes sure you are happy always.

Guy as best friend

  1. He is the one that patiently listens to everything that you talk

He is a good listener, for sure. Makes you speak your heart out and listens to you.

Guy as best friend

  1. He’s your adventure partner, as well as the partner in crime

He is always the one that accompanies you to any kind of adventure you are gonna be to.

Guy as best friend

  1. There can be no break up between you and your bestie.

No break-ups. No tears. All happies. Lucky are you to have such a sweet heart.

Guy as best friend

This is all sweetest of the sweet. There is nothing wrong in having a guy as best friend. Absolutely, not! Let people bug you with the stupid questions like – are you guys dating. Ignore and enjoy a blissful life with your buddy – because a friend is the only one that make us be ourselves. And so, get to your best now and thank him for being there for you all the time.

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