6 Hot And Trending Career Choices for Science Students


Many students each year pass out with their degrees and soon they mull over which career option would be best for them to make it big on career path. Some students fail to go in medical or engineering or some simply do not want to pursue. So what are other career options for just BSc graduates? Many opt for micro biology, pharmacy, forestry, medicine, agriculture science, IAS and several others.

But many science graduates in India are in dismay due to less coming of age career options for them.

Today we are compiling some lucrative and trending career choices for science students.

  1. Data Analyst

This is now profitable and trending career options for science graduates. The good pay is what making this career option a popular choice. One needs to have good knowledge of maths and statistics. Along with that one needs to have good communication, logical and analytical skills. The job involves market research, collection of data from various sources and analysing them for business purpose and decision making.

  1. Cyber Security Specialist.

 Everyone would agree to the fact that everything in available on internet. All the transactions, varied accounts and other important things are stored and present over this virtual cyber world. So the nowadays there’s more impetus on cyber security. Before you enter in to this field one needs to have ample knowledge on cyber law, cyber forensics.

  1. Fashion Industry

Yes, you read it right. There is common myth that this field is only for designers. Fashion industry also requires technical team. The one who has specialises in chemicals is required to handle the textile aspect. Technical staffs are required for accessory design, footwear and as leather technologists.

  1. Content writer

If you enjoy writing then you can venture in field of media. Science students can play an important role for write ups in science journals, tech based magazines. Articles on environment, agriculture science, innovations, bio or nano tech and many others can be easily written and edited by science students.

  1. Meteorologist

A person who has love for outer world can surely opt for this career path. This career is very demanding job. So one can pick this field where in one has to analyse weather conditions, atmosphere and climate.

  1. Defence Sector.

Want to work for the nation the one can join the defence services. The technical team hires science graduates. One can visit Army website for all details of eligibility and entrance tests.

Other famous career paths are nanotechnologies, mobile technologies, aerospace, quantum physics, forensic science etc. According to your aptitude and interest one can select their career goals.

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