7 Signs That You Enjoy Being Your Own Best Friend

Own Best Friend

Own Best Friend – Solitude is usually related to introverts. Many extroverts, however, like going back into their shell, as it helps them rejuvenate.

Disconnecting from the world temporarily refreshes people’s mind and body.

You might have had moments where in you disengage briefly from the people you know.

There are many misconceptions about solitude which might make you behave as if you do not like it. Nevertheless, look for these signs to know whether you like aloneness –

Being your own best friend –

“Holy shit!” is your usual reaction whenever your friends recommend a crowded location for vacation/gathering. You also do not like travelling in large groups. Live concerts are not your forte.


You do not mind staying away from your phone for extended hours. Whatsapp, Hike, Facebook and Twitter are all distraction to you at times, which is why you prefer keeping your phone aside altogether.


You do not see it as a big deal if you have to watch a movie in a theatre alone. You believe that some flicks are made to be watched alone and only fit your genre preference.


If your friends have planned a group outing and you do not feel like joining them, you would sit home and binge eat, watching your favourite flick or a television series.


It is also not a problem for you if you have to wait for someone extended hours before they arrive. You always have one means or another to keep yourself occupied.


There may be times when you would not want to go out with friends or watch a movie either. These moments are when books become your true friend.


When you spend time alone, you garner interest in household chores. If it is an option, cooking becomes one of your most loved pastimes.


Being your own best friend –

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