Books You Should Read Before Turning 21


Books to read before 21 – You became legalise for many things you kept doing behind curtains before turning 18 but 21 has a totally new list to be revealed.

Your graduation might be a cream walk, alike your school days, but before packing bags for a new phase you should know, how it is going to be. Remember, life isn’t a child’s play, yet if you have the correct knowledge you can win the end.

Much like people, books profoundly influence the readers and their actions as well, thus one should be wise to select what they will read. Following are some of the excellent fictional books one should read before entering to another crucial phase of their lives:

Books to read before 21

1 – The Alchemist

By Paulo Ceolho

You set your goals and create plans accordingly. Indubitably, you start working on it as well, but for how long? For few days or weeks, you are focused but the moment a failure knocks your down, you drop it. You drop not only the plan but ironically the goal as well.

At the times when you have two opt between two boats, as you can’t sail simultaneously, this is a kind of book you can rely to understand the signs of good omens.

2 – Norwegian Wood

By Haruki Murakami

A loss is consequential, either you learn from it or sink in the blues. Your best friend is no less than your family and your first love is the no less than petrichor. So when everyone is gone you’re wrecked.

At such point you have to make a choice between past and the present and to make you realise about the importance of later, Murakami presents a beautiful Japanese story.


3 – The forty rules of Love

By Elif Shafak

Crushing over someone, infatuation, attraction, liking, etc. are temporary yet heart throbbing feelings which are ironically but mistakenly called “Love” by millennial.

‘The Forty Rules of Love’ speaks about the life of Ella Rubinstein, a middle aged woman and her family. Love can transform your life, from where you’re to where you want to be, all you have to do is keep the faith alive. You would love this book even more because it involves the mystic world of the 13th century Sufi poet Rumi and Shams of Tabriz.


4 – Harry Potter Series:

By J.K. Rowling

The world is no less than a mystic place and you being a protagonist are no less than a wizard, all you have to do is spell your imagination to the ears keen to listen. No matter how many years are added to your birthday cake as the child inside you always enjoy blowing candles.

As a child you must have seen Harry Potter movies, yet the soul of the story resides in the pages of the novel. Do read if you love to write and ink your imagination and fantasy.


5 – Veronica decides to die:

By Paulo Coelho

The title itself suggest a dilemmatic situation when a person decides to die, must be bitter enough to drop her life and hand over herself to the never praised death.

This is life, filled with miseries, mishappenings and monotonous in the same Pot where joy and bliss resides. You have to hold on till you can’t see the better side of the things. Read this if you think you are left with no second option to be happy.


6 – Comics:

They are presented in interesting and are in myriads of options, if you haven’t read any, you have missed the best part of your childhood. They not only entice you with their graphics and characters, but also give a moral at the end of the story.

These are the Books to read before 21 – New characters and their unique feature are always said to make a long lasting impact in the minds of the people.

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