Apple Becomes Bug-Conscious Like Android! Might Release Beta iOS Updates For Public Beta-Testing.


Apple seems to be going the CyanogenMod or MiUI way.

Apple will be following their simple method of releasing beta updates to the public for bug testing and reporting. Most third-party Android ROM developers float their ‘nightly’, ‘weekly’ or ‘monthly’ beta ROMs for the public to install and test on their own.


  • Since Apple iOS is a little different than Android on core architecture levels, the entire release will be available to the public for download to the public and not just developers.
  • Apple has done this before too, when they announced a public beta testing program during the developmental phase of OS X ‘Yosemite’. About a million people helped Apple eliminate many such glitches before the release of Yosemite.
  • This new move is being welcomed by most users iOS public testing is win-win for both the public and the developers. Why? The developers get to find more bugs thanks to the public also reporting them simultaneously to Apple.
  • This move will now allow more people to download and install various developer previews of the iOS releases and to sample-test the latest features that Apple’s phone operating system has to offer to them

When Do The Releases Become Public?

  • These beta releases might be rolling out to the general public starting mid-March via their AppleSeed program.
  • The most current release will be iOS’s 8.3 version which will introduce the support for CarPlay wireless synchronization, faster Google account logins and a horde of new emoji for social media.
  • The most important release will be the one after this. The one for iOS 9 – the one step beyond iOS 8. The software will be showcased for the first time to the world at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June this year. The company will however keep the beta release of iOS 9 limited to lesser people (about 1, 00,000) as compared to the pre-Yosemite release amount.

Apple hasn’t officially commented on this news, but we sure hope they do because it is meant for the greater good. Android rose to supremacy because of one thing – public involvement. This move will only bring positivity in the Apple camp especially since they started losing considerable market share to Android and Windows Phone.

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