Are They Your Real Friends?

Real friends

Real friends – From the time you first enter to the edifice, then named kindergarten, till the time you step into your grave, you make friends.

You make friends and call them up, hang around with them, eat ice creams, go for party, hits things and do everything you wish to do, with your friends.

But are they really your friends or are they your real friends?

Breakup hurts but getting betrayed by a friend is more stinging. Digesting the fact that you’re been used for a purpose and now secluded from their lives, leaves a burden to your chest. But how can you know they are the one worth your time ?

Well to know this you should understand certain things in life:

1 – Friends are no less than a family 

Like mother, father, brother, sister or any other akin, a real friend will be with you in your ups and downs. You can bifurcate them, or rather you shouldn’t bifurcate them into categories and fancy ranking. They are forever and they mean it, to boot.

At times they would be strict like parents to guide you right, lenient like grandparents when somebody complains and also partners like siblings when comes to play games.

2 – With you 

No matter how tough gets the situation or how worst you turns when red, your true friends will be always there for you. They would be your partners in crime, buddy for movie, one taking you for drinks and watching you till hangover ends. They will be with you playing games, singing, dancing, cooking or doing anything that pumps your heart a bit faster.

3 – You’re safe  

They ensure that you’re safe, they might call you when distant, may visits on weekends (if both are busy working) may fight for you or even sacrifice for you. Yes! They might take you to a crazy place or might ask you for hilarious things but eventually when comes of safety, they are your mother.

4 – Friends come first 

Often when people comes in relationships, their priorities changes. They hours they use to spend with their pals come down and sometimes it fades away. No mater who new come to your life or theirs, you’re friend will always find an hour for you. They will still enjoy your company like before and can’t share the position you hold in their lives, to any one else.

Real friends

Blessed are those who have their good wishers, real friends, in the dress of friends with them.

Not all are fortunate to make things happen for long. While some put their egos in between and others curse each other for simple things. People unlike things can’t be replaces nor repaired, all they can do is either make your living a bliss or leave a void of their absence. Thus you should be wise while you pick up your friends, masking isn’t much difficult yet to be real is what calls for courage. Also you should know, a good friend is a real friend never jealous never envious but always promote your growth.

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