5 Of The Most Genuinely Entertaining Bigg Boss House Contestants!

This story talks about top 5 bigg boss house contestants who do more gossiping to keep the show interesting and exciting

As Ms. Vidya Balan famously said in The Dirty Picture, only thing that sells is Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

This statement really holds true in case of TV shows and especially reality shows like Bigg Boss! Even though the definition of entertainment inside the house is being degraded every year and is only related to arguments, fights and abuses, still there are some contestants who really try their best to give wholesome entertainment to their audience.

It includes fun moments, naughty activities, singing, dancing etc which really soothes a stressed-out mind after a day’s of real hard work in their fan’s life. We bring to you this season’s top 5 entertainers who do more than just bitch around!

1) Gautam Gulati

This chap is involved in a controversy for way too long, but going by his antics and naughty acts in order to bring a smile on everyone’s face, he definitely is someone who will be loved by all. He made a mistake, regretted it and is trying to move on. More than enough! We hope that we get to see more of his funny comical side along with his 6-pack abs which must be making women all over India drool with its delicious visuals.

2) Puneet Issar

Is this guy really as old as his true age or is that just a cover-up? Really, the kind of energy, enthusiasm and masti he brings to everything he does is really commendable. Watching him dance impromptu in the weekend episode with Salman Khan really surprised not only his housemates, but the audience as well. Speaks volumes about the talent-house he is and the reason for being in the entertainment industry for such a long time! You rock, sir!

3) Pritam Singh

Former RJ, Pritam showed his exemplary funny side when he was part of the Secret Society. The way he talks and analyses a situation and people has a very rustic appeal to it which connects with everyone. That’s why he can turn out to be one of the finest entertainers inside the house with his witty one-liners and sarcastic below-the-belt remarks! His humour will take him places!

4) Soni Singh

In the inaugural episode of Bigg Boss 8, Soni had shown the traces of her vamp’s attitude in a sporting spirit which said loads about her potential as a complete entertainer! Even in the tasks, she was full of life and energy. May be some circumstances have forced her to keep a low profile, but our bets are on her to be able to win the hearts of audience with her devilish as well as angelic performances! Bring out the cunning seductress, Soni, we are waiting for it!

5) Sonali Raut

She is one girl who has least amount of chemistry going on with other girls in the house. However, it doesn’t mean that her wavelength matching with the guys make her entertaining. In fact, the way she dances and is ready to go all out to have fun without bothering about what others feel is really liberating. Whether it was her song and dance act with Gautam the other night after lights went off or the impromptu dance with other contestants is a testimony to the fact that she wants to entertain in ways more than only bitching and gossiping! Go girl, show some moves!

At the moment these are the five people who are doing most in the name of entertainment. Let’s see if some more will join them or if these 5 will also get more involved in stupid fights of the house!

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