Your Dog Can Help You Lose Weight And Stay Fit!

Dog helps you lose weight – Being in a taxing job can kill your fitness dreams!

This is the story of almost everyone, living in a metro city and struggling to survive!

How to take care of health and fitness then? How to lose those kilos that we pile up amidst maddening schedules and invariable eating habits! How much crash diets can one follow? They kill!

Well, fret not! There is a resolution to everything, and what a comforting thought when the solution is such an adorable one!

Forget about those diet fads, it’s time to get to know the latest craze. Perhaps, what I am about to tell you might give you a surprise.

Do you have a Dog? A Pet Dog?

If not, get one!

Your dog will be your fitness coach and fitness companion. Keep reading to know how to lose weight with the help of your dog! How your dog helps you lose weight.

Dog helps you lose weight

Dog helps you lose weight

The Mandatory Dog Walks 

When you have a dog, no matter how busy your schedule is, you will have to take out time for those long dog walks for poop times and fresh air times. And VOILA! 30 minutes of walk with your dog can burn how many calories, do you know that? Start doing it right away! And taking your dog for a neighbourhood walk is too much fun, I can bet on that! Dog helps you lose weight !

Walking the dog

Walking the dog

The Fascinating Dog Diet

At some point, looking at your pet can bring you to a reality check. I am talking about a dog’s lifestyle. I know they don’t get up from bed, work, buy food from the grocery, cook, do the laundry, and clean your home, only humans can do that. But looking at the pet eating and enjoying his 1-2 mealtimes makes you realize that if animals can enjoy with their kind of lifestyle, then humans can too. Why to hog throughout the day! Have lesser mealtimes and enjoy every meal to the hilt! You will soon notice the substantial cut down on the calorie intake! Unlike other species, dogs can survive even with just having enough water for 3 days (exactly just as how humans are). In fact, they can only eat an amount of food in their food bowl and that’s it. Humans take control. This simply means, I had to consider on cutting the amount of food intake. Not to mention, eating healthy was my goal. One helping is enough!

Healthy dog diet

Healthy dog diet

The All Natural Exercise Equipment

Refreshing playtimes with your dog, during after-work hours can serve as best workout times. Take the dog to the nearby park (don’t forget the walking here), play ball games, catch and run games with him every day and watch those flabby sides vanish in a few weeks! I have tried other ways to lose these flab, but never had I found something that has improved the results. There are times when weight control programs deprive you from your most loved activities. Well, this is it! When it comes to leg exercise, dogs are the experts (knowing that they have 4 legs in total). Believe you me, the dog will ask for these sessions and it will be difficult for you to say no!

Dog exercise

Dog exercise

So folks, here are 5 easy and result-oriented ways (a quick recap) to stay fit when you have a dog! (Do not worry about the breed or size of the dog!)

  • One serving of food is enough for a wise man. If your pet can survive and be happy with one, then so can you. (Inspirations can come from most strange places)
  • Take a Walk. Take your dog for a walk. His company will always be special. Again, they’re not just your best friend, they’re your workout partners as well.
  • Keep an active lifestyle. Play and enjoy each day. Ditch those worries away. They will only make you look old.
  • Eat healthy, period! Just like there is a prescribed diet for your pet, do it for you too!
  • Get up and move it!

Dog helps you lose weight – If you follow these, I can guarantee you a loss of around 10-15 pounds in a week!

Get a loving pet today and mark the start to your health journey together.

A journey to a transformation!

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