You Can’t Chase Destiny as it Can Anyone Anytime

chasing destiny

Never ever try to chase destiny as it is something impossible.  Each life is destined, it may be bad or good. Hereby if sometimes any opportunity hide to do so, it is better to sit and think twice if destiny has another plan ahead to play with anyone anytime.

In order to reveal the main reason to stop chasing the intuition, instead, listen to it. Perhaps it has the best part ahead for anything advantageous. Listening will help to guide a person’s thought, as whatever they are thinking maybe wrong or it may need some time to be directed into the right path.

Obstacles are unsolvable if you chase your destiny

Always at the back of the mind, there is a fight, “Should I” or “I Shouldn’t”. In order to overcome the undesirable tug of war, it becomes necessary to at least hear the intuition. As actions are the start point to move towards as fate indicates. But on neglecting destiny or fate it will always put you into trouble, trapped in unsolvable problems, and stuck up the situation.

No one will like to rotate around the circumference of problems and as one listens, intellectuals understand the indications and work accordingly. Without asking the mind to do something else opposite to chase life.

You will stop helping yourself

Once you overhear or do not take the opportunity to wait for your destiny to speak at least once, as it is already known that it will not repeat each time. Slowly it will be a time that no intuitions will speak or guide further. Similarly, chasing destiny is simply chasing yourself away from your most deserved portion of your life.

Dreams are a part of your destiny, therefore it is essential to drive into it for fulfilling the dreams. Never give up on the intuitions on even small sections as this will slowly pull you to the top and if don’t you will stop helping yourself.

Destiny dictates without reason but ends to define many

Why are you doing so? Why should I do so? It is the common thing that comes to mind. Before starting to do something or in the mid of the path, it is the intuition and the destiny that will take you till the end. But it is once again essential that when the questions are in the mind, try to move forward as the destiny asks to do so, perhaps ignoring will put you nowhere. It can be anyone, the strongest men of the world, or the beggar on the street; it is the destiny that can change the entire story.

chasing destiny 1

Chase, your dream but never chase destiny! As the following destiny, fate will lead you to the goal, it can push to the best on influencing the path while may be destructive.  One of the famous quotes on destiny by W. Somerset  Maugham mentions “ It’s no use crying over spilled milk because all of the forces of the universe were bent on spilling it”.

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