MK Gandhi: A purist?

Immaterial of his perceived greatness, his unnatural attitude towards sex and sleeping around naked with nude women, signal something else…

It’s his birthday – MK Gandhi’s – and no matter how much ever I try to see the goodness and wisdom in him that he is known for, there’s one truth about him which history can’t erase.  As an independent woman of today, who knows her rights and when they are exploited, all I have to say about him is that immaterial of his perceived greatness, he was a pervert, indeed.  

Since our childhood, we have grown up on the dope that Gandhi was one of the greatest and purest souls in the history of humanity and somehow had everything good about him. He drove the nation to its victorious independence following non-violence and all other sorts of things, which always showed him in a good light.

But what was he doing behind the closed doors? Sleeping along with tonnes of naked women to test his chastity. In his own words, ‘a man is a product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.’ Now what I am to think of a man in his 70s, sleeping nude with nubile, nude women half his age, for his personal gain?

Let’s go back in time to see what was actually happening inside the mind of this perceived great thinker. He was 13 years old when he got married to Kasturba, who was 14. They had a normal sex life like any other couple, sharing a bed in a separate room. We may feel a bit uneasy knowing that kids were having sex but it was quite a normal phenomenon, considering the times we are talking about – a pre-independent small town Gujarat. Meanwhile, Gandhi’s father grew gravely ill and once, our great leader had left his dying daddy’s bedside to have sex with Kasturba and that was when the old man breathed his last breath. The young MK Gandhi compounded his grief with his sexual guilt and blamed his lustful love behind him not being present with his father in his last moments. But it wasn’t then that he took his famous vow of celibacy.

It happened while he was assisting the British Empire in its wars in Southern Africa , when he was in his 30s, working as a volunteer in the ambulance corps. It was then that he had his moment of enlightenment and realised that the best way he could serve the humanity is by embracing poverty and chastity. All’s fine till here.

Poverty seemed much easier to follow than restraining himself from having sex, and so he devised a complex, unnatural and abnormal solution to fix his problem – remaining chaste while indulging in explicit, weird, pervert sexual conversations and behaviour. In his ashrams, he started his first experiment where boy and girls had to bathe naked in each other’s company and sleep together nude, abstaining from indulging in any kind of sexual activity, and were also punished for sex talks. The husbands were not allowed to sleep with their wives alone and when they felt sexually aroused, they were told to take a cold bath.

All this happened while he lived, bathed and slept in the company of naked women, who were not allowed to sleep with their own husbands. They also had to perform striptease exclusively for him so that he could test his abstinence. If this is not sexual exploitation then what is?

His path to a temptation-free existence was paved with nipple tassels. The shadiest example of his creepy old man slumber parties, was when he forced his 18-year-old grandniece to sleep naked with him while on a trip to Bengal, convincing the barely-adult girl that they both could be killed by the Muslims. This idea of commanding men and women to sleep nude in community-style, just to not engage in sex reeks of a dangerous man, who was semi-depressed and a sex maniac.

Now, if somebody comes up with those historical facts stating how he fought for the equality of women in India, he/she would have to probably reconsider the stance.  

Source: ‘Gandhi: Naked Ambition’ by Jad Adams 

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