The Logical Indian And A Baba: Both Have Blind Followers

Just like a baba (sage/ apparent saint/ thief/ and the synonym can go on) gets away by proving it beforehand that they are superior to the human race.

They call themselves logical but there had been several instances where they contradict their own logic. In this country you can get away with anything if you prove yourself superior.

Just like a baba (sage/ apparent saint/ thief/ and the synonym can go on) gets away by proving it beforehand that they are superior to the human race. They put across their point of views and can rest assured that they would have a set number of followers.

Similarly ‘The Logical Indian’ – a community that claims to be logical gets away with anything and yes they have more than 21 lakhs followers on their FB page including me. The only difference being that I do not follow them blindly.

They are not really logical all the time. Glimpse at some of their posts and updates where logic went for a toss but hey who am I to question, right?

Post from their FB:

May 3, 2014:

The Typical Indian Vs The Logical Indian!

The Typical Indian: Vote for the one who is winning.

The Logical Indian: The one we vote for, wins.

Wow what is the entire point of voting and results are a complete waste. In fact why did the typical Indians even go to cast their votes? The Logical Indian already knew the winner right?

No D day required as this community already knew the winner of the election results.

Their preference of party was already evident when they had earlier posted this:

Dec 26, 2013:

What is the different between Congress and Ghosts?

Some people still people in ghosts.

So yes they made a statement and clearly put their point of view across. How logical is it to voice out your party preference and influence people using the media to your advantage?

Of course I am not denying nor am I ignorant of the fact how the media plays a key role in the election gimmick. But you guys call yourself sensible and local right?

 How are you guys different from the other media houses lobbying for a political party?

When you guys posted the video – My Husband Made Me A Prostitute, did you not realise the kind of stereotype you would be creating and the regressive mentality that you would be adding to the society.


This video is wrong at so many levels. Wasn’t there any other way of giving the message?

I am not questioning or being insensitive to the plight of prostitutes. But the woman in this video clearly isn’t happy with her ‘voluntary’ choice of this service. As if women can’t earn higher salary and can only earn handsomely in this field of service.

‘Women use their bodies’ is a stereotype and might be even true but to propagate this and promote this kind of thought process is seriously derogatory to women and the society as a whole.

That is so typical of you guys.

Talking about the series of posts you do on ‘typical Indians’ and their stereotypical mentality. Please explain the hypocrisy and the logic behind this post.

When you talk of breaking the stereotype in the post, isn’t moustache a stereotype? Not all men have moustache.

How did it not occur in your logical sense that not all men or boys have moustache and beard? Creative genius that you guys claim to be, you could have come up with a better poster of depicting happy men’s day.


Showing the face with a moustache you guys also fell into the trap of going by the stereotype.

The entire controversy on #RohtakBravehearts.

Well firstly would really want to appreciate you guys for taking down the earlier post but even now the entire story isn’t clear. Even you have mentioned in your post that ‘let us not be judgemental’ then why the 2nd video is going viral?

Yes you might explain saying that the other side of the story ought to be told. But you yourself agreed that the investigation is on.

If this video can exist on the portal then what is the entire logic of taking down the earlier video?

Logically speaking let both the stories be or don’t give any story.


Thank you so much for playing on the stereotype of how Americans and Indians are.


Not all Americans are cool and we have in India great legend like Sachin Tendulkar coming from a common family. So yes thanks for playing with the stereotype.

Again this image below, thank you so much for the measuring scale judgement giving us what the society thinks.


In the name of the thought process of the society you guys have subtly and brilliantly put across your thoughts.

This message could have been conveyed differently don’t you think?

Last but not the least as we had recently come up with this post where you guys have promoted the DD anchor’s story of feeling suicidal.

Suicide is a crime. This was our take on the entire post of yours.


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