These SEXTS That Will Make Your Husband Go Wild !


Sexts that make your hubby wild – It is needless to say that intercourse is an essential in all relationships.

Especially when you are married, a lot of things depend on how new and exciting you keep your sex life.

Well, if you think that your conjugal life with your hubby darling is a little vanilla lately, here are some gooey, chocolaty ideas, rather sexts that will help you spice up everything.

Give these sexts a try and see how heady your hubby goes with desire.

  • “What do you plan to de with me after our date tonight?”
  • “I just removed my panties. That’s one less clothing for you to rip of when you get home…”
  • “I am not in the mood for a movie. Can you suggest something else we can do in the dark?”
  • I have got a new set of lacy lingerie… just wanted to know if you wanna see me in them right now..!”
  • “I had a dirty dream last time… I can’t wait to do all those things for real with you!”
  • “I am lying naked on the bed, thinking about you…”
  • “Sorry I couldn’t receive your call. My hands were busy elsewhere…”
  • “Baby! You’re too sexy for me to resist!”
  • “Don’t stop at anything when you get home… Hurry up! I can’t wait!”
  • “I am planning on wearing nothing to bed to night…”
  • “I had a dream last night, that I was your…. sex slave…”
  • “I would kill for a lollipop right now… do you think you have one?”
  • “Shut the windows, baby… I want you to make me scream and groan really hard!”
  • “It’s so cold that i would give anything to feel your body heat against me!”
  • “Let’s try something new today… in bed…”
  • “Join me in the shower… I am craving your hands down there…”
  • “Spend the whole day with me, baby… in bed.”
  • “I am hungry. Can you fill me up, darling?”
  • “You and I, sweaty and moaning… Have anything to add to that?”

These sexts are sure to spice up your sex life in seconds and make your husband go weak in the knees. Go make your man happy with these hot steamy words!

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