In Life, Whatever We Do Is Yoga. We Tell You How!

Yoga type

Yoga type – Traditionally, there are four types of classical Yoga.

1. Karma Yoga  2. Bhakti Yoga  3. Raja Yoga 4. Jnana Yoga

However, Bhagwat Gita has detailed Yoga in 18 types, each type for each chapter.

Let’s try to understand how – whatever we do in life is Yoga…

1). Yoga type-   Karma Yoga guides Action capability

Karma Yoga is comprised of simple daily activities that we do every day in life such as standing, walking, running, going to work, and working. All of our actions should be selfless and offered to eternal.


2). Yoga type –  Bhakti Yoga guides Emotional capability

Bhakti Yoga is comprised of simple daily activities we do every day in life such as loving someone, sacrificing for someone, and praying for someone. All of our emotions   should be unconditional and offered to eternal.


3). Yoga type –  Raja Yoga guides Intellectual capability

Raja Yoga is comprised of mental power that we use every day. We think deep and deeper. It helps us to differentiate the right and the wrong. It leads us to a path of a life that is right and divine. It tells us how one can turn the course of life by controlling the subtle force (meditation) of life.


4). Yoga type – Jnana Yoga guides Knowledge capability

Jnana Yoga is comprised of knowledge and wisdom that we try to acquire from schools, colleges, and spiritual institutes and train ourselves to use every day to attain the goal of life, the Moksha.


In fact, there are not just 4 types of classical Yoga or 18 types of Yoga detailed in Bhagwat Gita, but there are innumerable types of Yoga we practically perform every day, every moment, and there are many more that we need to grasp.

I would say writing this article is Yoga, and even reading is also a form of Yoga.

The ultimate goal of Yoga is to make you aware that life is an eternal practice of living (Sadhna) and to recognize the truth and to live in the light of truth.

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