Looking to Optimize Brain Power? This Super Brain Yoga Might Help You

Brain Yoga – Memory problems occur to people with aging. Figures say, 14% of young Americans that fall between 18 and 39 years, experience a downfall in their brain function.

However there are a series of supercool brain exercises  yoga that help you adapt with the problem. It not only boosts your mental power by creating equilibrium between both of the hemispheres.

If you attempt brain exercises, they will help boost your mental health thereby benefiting your body.

Take for instance, just the way the cardiovascular exercises boost your muscle strength, these brain exercises boost your brain health too.

Brain Yoga –

You need to wake up early and face the right direction:

You could practise the brain yoga in the morning which is the best time for it. You need to face the east while doing this towards the direction of Sun rise. Elderly people should face the north and in case if you are confused, better use a compass or perhaps down an application from your phone.

Get rid of all your jewelry:

Get rid of all your jewelry which includes your wedding ring too. You need to now touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue, which lies behind your teeth. Pull out the whole exercise session with your tongue there.

Now stand up with your spine straight:

Keeping your spine straight is pretty important for doing yoga. Your hands should be on your sides which helps stabilize your feet. Now you need to hold your back straight throughout the session.

Correct the position of your hand:

Now lift hand and cross it over your upper body, place it on the upper earlobe thereafter. Your thumb should be in the front of your ear. Now you got to lift your right hand, cross over your upper body and grab your left earlobe. You need to make sure your right thumb is in the front of your ear. Now press the earlobes continuously.

Do some squats:

Bring yourself to squatting position and start doing some squats your hand on the previously mentioned position. You will have to avoid the extra pressure on your knees which should not pass over the ankles. We suggest you to repeat the exercise for about 2-3 minutes. You need to hold back straight with your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth.

Be routine with this exercise:

You need to be regular with this exercise. Start from some simple exercises every day and you will see a paradigm shift in your concentration in just a matter of days. There will also be some significant changes in your mental abilities within months.

Grow this habit on your kids too:

Having kids can teach you to do this super brain yoga all right. This is a super easy exercise but it can be a fun habit and your kids will enjoy it.

So, try this super brain yoga for three minutes every day to bring significant change in your mental ability.

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