This is How Unrequited Love Changes You As A Person

Unrequited love

Unrequited love – There is a person whose beauty, elegance and intelligence has charmed you and she tug at your heartstrings effortlessly.

You feel so drawn towards her and her presence leaves you groggy and lovesick.

All your thoughts wallow around her and you can’t wait to profess your love to her. She is the person who has a spring-fed heart and her vibes nibble at your darkness step by step like the maple painting the otherwise gloomy town red. If you meet such a person, you don’t think twice to devote all your life to her, watch what graceful changes age brings to her no matter if she doesn’t belong to you.

But no matter how much you calm down the tides of affection towards her, your spirit is always wrecked to see her smiling coquettishly in another man’s arms. But little did you know, unrequited love changes you into a better person, makes you understand the nuanced life better.

Here are the ways how we validate our statement:

Unrequited love teaches us :-

1 – You learn to deal with rejections:

She chose someone else over you and decided to remain faithful towards him. You respect her sincerity and devotion but at the same time the rejection shatters your heart to thousand pieces. But no matter how much you fume in anger in beginning, the anger settles down eventually and you learn that rejection too is a part of life and you learn to put yourself together again.

2 – You stop expecting too much from people:

No one was put on this earth to fulfil your expectation, you have to make your own bridge over the troubled waters to reach your goal. You loved her with all your heart but could not expect her to love you back, because she was never meant to be yours.

3 – You learn to make amends with that permanent aching:

The aching heart is an ugly thing to bear with but time is a healing drive. When things become normal and the pain settles down, you come up as a stronger person so to speak.

4 – You stop walking at someone else’s shoes:

And stop trying to become someone else, the like she apparently chose for herself. You start being happy in your own skin and stop pressing her for her attention.

5 – You don’t feign happiness any longer:

Initially, you were solicitous towards her boyfriend and pretended you are happy whilst pain eaten your heart like worms inside. Keeping mum and watching their relationship prosper and taking next to next leaps always incited jealously in you but you have finally learned to stop feigning what you don’t pathologically feel. You always are now honest of your feelings about her when she is around and she too starts respecting it.

6 – You don’t hate yourself now for missing the chances:

Luck may have ushered you into chances that you could make her yours forever but you had your eyes shut then. You always hated yourself for doing so but now you don’t because you know there is no use hating yourself because life never stops.

Yes, things were rocky at the start when you fell for her and saw her going away with someone else, but you are no longer reproachful towards yourself because you have changed as a person, that to say revolved in her love.

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