Knowledge Is Not Power. The Application Of Knowledge Is Where The Power Lies.


Knowledge does not make you successful. The application of knowledge does.

Ever since I can remember, I have heard people talking of knowledge as power. The well-known phrase was first used by Sir Francis Bacon after his first success. But the question that remains is whether knowledge is power or the right application of same is.

A kid in his first grade, would know that 2+2 = 4, he would also know that 2 oranges + 2 Oranges= 4 oranges. But the real knowledge of the kid lies wherein you ask him the equivalent of 2 oranges + 2 apples. And he replies, 2 apples + 2 oranges or two pairs or fruits or four fruits.

Researchers have debated a lot over the usage of same in the right sense. A fine line exists between information and knowledge, they say. Memorizing bits and pieces of information is not same as adding more to your knowledge-tank.

The proper usage of information becomes knowledge and hence, power.

Whether you’re self employed or wage earner only if you seek knowledge and make proper use of it, you are called successful. Absorbing information from every direction, while it has no apparent use, is simply stored on the chance that it might be of some use someday.

Those who claim to seek knowledge, from the books they read, the courses they take. And the plans they buy, are doing nothing other than buying information. So, in your quest for financial independence, it is imperative that you learn to use the information as your knowledge. And thereby assure yourself freedom from sustained mediocrity.

After all, what use is your information if you don’t use it to be successful in life.

The proper application and execution of knowledge makes you successful and, hence powerful.

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