Only Women Can Understand These Period Problems of Other Women

Period problems

Period problems – Getting accurate information about how a woman feels during in her periods is hard to come by because there are varied problems that every individual have to face.

However, there are a common thread of problems and the key ones of them are night night-overflow and ending up with stained bedsheets. A significant number of women almost writhe in stomach pain thereby not being able to budge from their bed. We, hence dread those five days and when they approach near we fidget a lot, avoid white clothes and be mentally prepared to take leaves.

However, as per the above discussion, here are some common period problems that every woman face during her periods:

Period problems –

The hunger pangs:

When the body is ripped of so much blood, you are likely to feel hungry and you grow a liking towards everything containing high calories ranging from sweets to cheese. Talking about sweet, some women make chunks of cakes and brownies disappear in minutes.

Fashion is a difficult ball game then:

You are leaking at your bottoms so you organically avoid whites. But then you crave for comfort and choose the big-sized panties ditching your thongs or boyshorts. Loose clothes too are opted by many women because comfort becomes they key.

Angry bird on the loose:

You tend to lose temper every now and then and people around you are subjected to your wrath because you don’t like what’s happening down there and it leaves you irritable round the clock.

Beach holidays are a strict no-no:

You are in constant fear that the tampon strings would poke out to wave at that hottie with Frisbee any point of time. Well, that’s embarrassing to the point infinity. Isn’t it? So you steer clear of beach holidays with a poker face.

You are shy to open your handbag before your colleagues:

Because that has a new guest which is your sanitary napkin. You fear it might pop up in their sight leaving you crimson so you rather sneak out in the toilet to open your bag.

You put your colleague to the rescue:

You can’t keep calm in the fear of getting your bottom stained from a indiscreet sitting position so you keep asking your female colleague to check whether or not you have stained it already. Worse, you carry extra clothes too, just in case.

You lash out at your lover to plan a vacay then:

Because a no-sex vacation is no-brainer so even if he seems okay with it, you make sure he never is in future. You hate everything and everyone around you, especially the sexless vacations.

You discover you are running out of napkins:

Periods have its own way of surprising you and it knocks the door just when you weren’t ready. We presume, every woman have suffered this nightmare to run out of napkins when periods came without notice.

We all become worry-warts when those days come and face these likely problems. Only a woman can understand these peroid problems of another woman.

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