Kolar Cave That Describes Existence Of Lord Shiva

kolar cave

The entire Universe somehow or the other describes the existence of Lord Shiva. Himalaya, the mountain is described as the home of the creator.  God who created the universe, his presence and belief is still nurtured; one is at Kolar cave which persists as a confine to Mahadev in Karnataka.

While proceeding to the temple, the hard rocky ways at start figure the way to an ancient religious place. Mostly popular as “AntareGange”, the purity of the temple has been untouched, it may not be possible to believe that the water is naturally filtered.

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Creation and presence of Creator

Gange, the daughter of Shiva that flows from the head down to the earth, provides a clear picture of the connection between them that is pure. Surrounded by forests and rocks along with wild animals endures and shows the creation of the Lord. People visit not only to the temple but also to trek through the rocky mountains. Amazing sculpture work on the exteriors will not make it difficult to understand the world of Nataraja.

Nandi and Bhringi, the two main carriers with their LordShiva at the roof are a clear and simple artistry dedication to the ruler of the universe. The entrance is endured with the black stone linga at the top that takes the trekkers and pilgrims to the main Griha and then to the forest.

Temple is the place where Shiv resides, the Kolar cave that begins with the amazing convention with the structures within the bounded water.

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Natures beauty of Kolar Cave

How much is Mahadev’s grace is merged with nature? Serene paths to the temple that is covered with the green trees that are tall and provides shade to the pilgrims visiting. Antaragange is a motivation for the young generation who are lovers of adventures. Is it the path that is hard with black rocks, covered with green trees? Yes, the most fascinating is the waterfalls, that change colors with different levels of rocks. Crystal, clear water of Antara Gange that flows down as narrow streams through the forest.

The peaceful motivation from nature has been an aspiration for the youths as well as the olds. It has been possible in both ways, motivating the young with energetic vibes of nature while the old as the religious place. During the Shiva Ratri, the temple is adorned with earthen lights and Led, which provides a distinctive appearance as a gesture of festivity.

While the temple of Lord Shiva is situated at a peak of the mountain at Kolar cave, so one has to walk through several steps to reach the entrance. Those who want to look forward to trek into the forest have to choose a Sunday. Why Sunday? Not other days of a week. This is because the authority ensures security through the path to the forest on this specific day. Though monkeys are common inside but different wild animals still survive, it may be a poisonous snake to a wild fox. On the weekdays, trekkers can travel, the authority does not take any responsibility. So, to have a safe and happy adventure, it is better to opt for a Sunday.                                          

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