Salman Khan’s ReTrial Adjourned, Guilty or No? A Scoop on Celebs Made Scapegoats

The latest adjournment in Salman Khan’s 2002 case against drunken driving has fuelled the big debate again. Are celebrities made scapegoats for their status?

Salman Khan never fades out of public minds. With his “Dabangg” style and “Kick”-of a personality, the Khan impresses young and old alike. However, when it is Sallu Bhai in question, there is no way you can escape the word controversy. Lingering onto his achievements is a list of issues covering domestic abuse to buck hunting and even a hit and run case. As is the stature of Indian film stars, not all allegations or even genuine crimes, actually end up getting proven. Interestingly we expected some judgment—at last—on the 12 year old case of drunken hit and run driving against the star. However, fate decided to be in Sallu Miyah’s favor—and all we got was an adjourned court session. Reason being the absence of objects critical to the trial, missing from submission at court! Now that seems a gimmick!

Our Take On The Scoop

Amid so much happening and talks of a possible arrest warrant being issued against the star, our minds go back to on the vital question—are stars scapegoats for the general administration or the public? Are the celebrities dragged into issues manifold because they are born or hooked to the proverbial silver spoon? Probably yes! One school agrees with the view that celebrities are often looked upon too harshly. The reason lies in the human psychology of trying to punch the more-blessed out of the frustration on others lacking similar status. At least, for the masses—majority of who are not degreed individuals, a belief runs that stars be access to luxury by ease. And this perhaps leads them to opine too quickly when branding a star as a criminal. There is of course, a second argument that says that stars escape punishment too easily and thus, on the easiest scope, they must be brought to book. However, Salman Khan is one man who has struck a deeper cord for Being Human. With that kind of a heart and that infectious personality, we barely believe that the man has not reformed over the years. Mistakes do happen and instead of trying o push a star into jail for a decade, let us hope that he gets a punishment that is just.

The Salman Khan 2002 case has been running all too long to even interest us.

It’s been more than decade, folks. Do we have nothing but to pay attention to who’s in how much hot water? Salman Khan has always come across as an epitome of goodness. Be it in aiding Govinda regaining his fortunes or be it his warm hand trying to patch things up with his firmed-turned-foe Shah Rukh Khan.

A man who is essentially bad can barely fake so much goodness. He has regretted amply over the years and taken charge of his actions. Remember his confession on Koffee With Karan’s latest season?

Rounding Up

The one plea to the world is to stop judging celebs on the negative. Let us give Salman the benefit of doubt, why brand a man a criminal when the charges are not yet proven? Even our law says that unless proven, no accused is guilty. Let us not make celebs scapegoats for the sake of juicy and spicy tales on gossip mags!


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