Why Men Need Skincare Too

Skin care

Skin care is essential irrespective of age but men shy away from that a lot.

The situation has now changed in view of the soaring popularity of men’s grooming products and men too are slanting towards skin care to reap benefits, the key benefit is ageing in reverse. In our regular commute to work, we are exposed to harmful UV sunrays which takes a toll on the skin. If figures are to be believed, men are prone to premature ageing more in comparison to women because of the harmful pollutants and the UV rays.

The main point here is, one needs to compensate the damage by drinking a lot of water and taking customary care of their skin.

Now, women are always suggested by beauty experts not to skip their cleansing-toning-moisturizing regimen but there is a complete different set of rules for men which they must adhere to.

Men are under the belief, or stricken by the faux pride that they are rough and tough and skin care is strictly restricted to the women.

In fact, they would scoff at their women if they are spending more time taking care of themselves. But if seen from a different pair of eyes, a man’s skin needs more exercise than women because it is hard on the surface hence way too vulnerable to damage. Men’s skin care products are imbued with more power to penetrate the skin and work from within. Reason why men tend to age faster than women is that they have more sebaceous glands hence prone to zits, eruptions and enlarged pores.

It is, hence highly recommended by the beauty experts to cleanse their faces thoroughly. They also should ensure that their skin is properly exfoliated to keep the harmful impurities at bay.

There is also a reason why men have more open and enlarged pores.

They have higher testosterone levels than women which can cause dullness of skin if not being taken care of. In that case, if a man maintains proper cleansing routine for their skin, the congestion of pores can be averted and they will have a shinier face as a result. Also, there is more transepidermal water loss is seen in men which leaves the skin more dehydrated. We can also not rule out the fact that regular shaving also harms the skin but they have no option. Most men are negligible towards the razor burns which causes a lot of irritation in the skin.

When you embark upon the regular face cleansing and moisturizing routine, you can soothe the irritated the skin and address the skin problems pretty efficiently.

We would hereby highly suggest men to invest in good sunscreens, exfoliators, occasional masks as treating the damaged skin. It is still not late, Men!

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