10 Signs Your Body Has Slower Metabolism Rates And Hence You Are Putting Weight!!

Slower metabolism rates

Slower metabolism rates – Struggling to shed down those extra ounces?! But is it that you are unable to do so?! You might have all at some point of time have come across people who gulp all the extra cheesy affair just like that and gain absolutely no weight!! Ever wondered what could be the reason behind this?!

Well, it’s the metabolism that plays a crucial role in shaping up the body. Now what could ‘metabolism’ be! It is the conversion of the food that is consumed into energy. And so there are two metabolisms in the body – fast and slow metabolism. The slow pace of metabolism in your body is the real culprit for you not shedding down the extra pounds.

Ever checked yourself about the same issue? Here are some signs that the body shows indicating Slower metabolism rates and so obstructing your way in reducing body weight. Take a look.

Slower metabolism rates –

  1. Tired, all the time – Getting tired after the hectic work schedule is a quite common phenomenon.  But what does getting tired even on being jobless?! Mark a red flag; this is one symptom of slow metabolism.

Slower metabolism rates

  1. Easily catches cold – Is it that you easily catch cold?! Slow metabolism, here. It also shows the inactive thyroid glands, that which are supposed to work actively.

Slower metabolism rates

  1. Gaining weight – I very well know how it feels, when gaining weight even after keeping the mouth shut away from all your favorite food cravings. This is the worst sign of the slowest rate of metabolism in your body. You gain weight for consuming nothing.

Slower metabolism rates

  1. Hair loss – It is quite common for the fall of some hairs. But it is not just common for most of the hairs falling and it getting difficult for the new ones to grow.

Slower metabolism rates

  1. No interest in sex driven life – When the thyroid hormones are low in count – leads to the low levels of testosterone that directly impacts your love making sessions.

Slower metabolism rates

  1. Hard shedding the extra pounds – Even after the strenuous workouts in efforts to shed down weight, you might have experienced that the body has not lost no weight at all. This is caused due to the slow rate of metabolism – that fails burning the fats out the body and flushing the toxins out.

Slower metabolism rates

  1. Depression – Depressed?! And that too all the time?! No, this is not a common phenomenon. Studies show that slow metabolism directly impacts on your mood giving out mood swings, depression etc.

  1. Dry skin – The circulation of blood in the blood vessels can never be correct, in case of slow metabolism. This leads to dry, unhealthy skin.

  1. Frequent headaches – Stuck down with the so annoying headache frequently?! Well, this could be another sign of slow metabolism in the body.


  1. Low memory power
      Tend to work things! Slow metabolism results in lower memory power. And so, you forget things just like that.

Slower metabolism rates

So, these were some signs that show the slower metabolism rates in the body. Take time toconsider the issue in case you found yourself having these signs.

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