In These 10 Hilarious Ways India Will Welcome The Fastest Man On The Planet, Usain Bolt!

India’s bumpy roads are in for a test ride from none other than the world’s fastest man alive ‘“ Jamaican Usain Bolt

India’s bumpy roads are in for a test ride from none other than the world’s fastest man alive – Jamaican Usain Bolt!

The 28-year-old sprint superstar, a multiple Olympic and world champion will be visiting the country on the backdrop of a promotional event that will feature cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

The six-time Olympic gold medallist and 100m and 200m world record holder will be making his first ever trip to India. Very few people know that Usain Bolt is an ardent cricket lover and had also expressed his desire in the past to play in the much coveted, Indian Premier League as a ‘fast bowler’.

But stupid it may sound; our country is very slow as compared to Bolt who recently clocked 9.98 secs in a 100m race event. How would Bolt react to the current ongoing in this country? Political warfare, corruption, etc are one of the many reasons that plague this country with the largest democracy in the world.

With problems aplenty, the hilarious reasons mentioned below will tell how India is preparing to welcome Usain Bolt, in its own andaaz!

1 – Traffic problems
He may be the quickest on the race tracks but Usain Bolt’s pace will come to a halt once the Jamaican steps onto the Indian roads. Here, the traffic snarls and out of service traffic signals, are ready to welcome the superstar with open arms.

2 – Politicians and their ‘everyday’ concern
If Usain Bolt needs a reality check of this country then here it is – our very own politicians. Hopping on one party to another, these ‘netas’ might just look upto Bolt to ‘fasten’ their party seats! Hold on to your breaths.

3 – Nature’s callers at the railway tracks
If by any chance Usain gets a chance to travel by our Mumbai local trains, then he shouldn’t be missing the ‘customary meets’ at the railways tracks. These nature’s callers might take small part of their ‘busy’ time to welcome the fastest man at the railway platforms.

4 – Flooded streets and potholes
One feature that sets our country apart from the rest of the world are our streets. Even after years of rebuilding, our streets remain crocked with many potholes. Bolt’s long legs might be in for a tricky challenge against the might of our drooping potholes.

5 – Rajnikanth – the name says it all
Usain Bolt might boast a cult status around the world but here in India, the people sing a different tune. Rajnikanth, the superstar from South has all what it takes to challenge the world’s fastest man.

Regarded as one of the fastest in the world, Bolt’s batteries will be all charged up as he makes way into India but the World Champion will be in for a surprise once he sets foot on our Indian soil!

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