Girls, These Are 7 Beauty Products You Need To Replace Right Now!


Cosmetics are supposed to help women look beautiful, and they do it too!

Do you know what else are they doing?

Well, these products are often so full of harmful synthetic chemicals that they could leave you with unsightly skin conditions if there is a prolonged and excessive use.

Yes, most makeup products and cosmetics are terribly harsh on your skin and numerous studies report that they are carcinogenic. Moreover, cosmetics and makeup can inhibit your skin from breathing and can harbour bacteria and help external impurities causing skin problems.

So…we give you a list of 7 cosmetic and makeup products that can cause significant harm to your skin and body and you must replace them with sensible stuff – the list is by no means complete; it is just the tip of the iceberg!

1.  Lipsticks

Lipstick dries the moisture out of your lips; whereas, Ayurvedic lip balms are better. Therefore, if you want bright colour lips, use lip-balm first, then put lipstick on top. Some lipsticks and lip- glosses contain oils and chemicals that can damage your lips rather than help them look beautiful. Lead is sometimes found in harmful amounts in red lipsticks. Health problems associated with lead ingestion are brain damage and behaviour abnormalities Many of the lead’s side effects are irreversible. Mineral Oil found in lipsticks acts like a second nonporous skin, blocking the real skin’s pores, and can interfere with skin cell development and proper functioning. The discolouration of lips and parched lips are the signs of excessive use of lipsticks!

Replace your dark coloured lipsticks with lip balms, or if at all there is a dire need to use them, make sure you make a strong base of healthy lip balm on your lips before you put them on. Leave you lips nude when makeup isnot required. Use some homemade lip-packs  for 15-20 minutes every day.


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