Causes and Remedies of White Discharge in Women

White discharge

White Discharge – This is a common phenomenon in women to experience white discharge and all of us have experienced this at least once in our lives.

White discharge is also termed as the vaginal discharge which is a recurring factor among women.

However, the colors may vary from yellowish, gray or green depending on the type of infection. It can be pungent to smell which indicates at many health ailments. In general cases, the white discharges are prevalent in women when they are on the verge on menstruating.

In other words, white discharge signals at the periods that is askew. However, this kind of discharge is not as demonized because during menstruation, it keeps the vagina free from bacteria and keeps the vagina healthy. But on the other side, the white vaginal liquid is created due to infection and fungus. So, in case if there is a foul smell in your vagina that you spot, visiting a doctor is an imperative.

The probable causes of vaginal or white discharge:

There are many reasons at play behind the vaginal discharge such as-

  • It happens before periods or menstrual bleeding
  • It occurs during pregnancy
  • it occurs mostly at the time of ovulation
  • It drops hints at cervical cancer
  • If you take a lot of birth control pills, you are likely to experience vaginal discharge
  • If you have bacterial infection
  • You can probably have pelvic infection
  • It hints at your diabetic tendencies
  • If you use a lot of soaps and scented moisturizers, you are likely to have vaginal discharge
  • If you are in high stress, vaginal discharge is possible
  • If you have yeast infection, chances are, you will have vaginal discharge

What are the symptoms of white discharge?

  • You are likely to experience intense itching and soreness in the vagina
  • After sex, there will be an annoyingly fishy odor.
  • Some people also complain about having excruciating pain in the vagina while white discharge
  • You are likely to have irritation
  • There will be appearance of skin infection and allergies as a result of the vaginal discharge.
  • Some people also gain weight rapidly as vaginal discharge occurs.
  • You are likely to experience numbness and a tingling sensation in the vaginal area.
  • There will be extreme tiredness and worse, you can also have fever as an indication of bad health.

However, you can adapt some measures to cure the white discharge or soothe your tingling feeling to say the least. Here under are a few easy peasy home remedies to curb the white discharge that you are having.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Mix some apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water and wash the vaginal area with this.

Fenugeek seeds:

This is a very coveted antiseptic which is a cure for your vaginal discharge. It also helps manage the estrogen level in the vagina. Soak some fenugeek seeds in water and keep aside, for at least half an hour then use it to wash your vaginal area.

Indian Gooseberry or Amla:

Amla is very effective in curing vaginal discharge too and you will just have to soak some Amla in water and wash the vaginal area with the water.

Make sure you don’t go harsh on the sensitive area. In order to wipe it, use a soft towel. Vaginal hygiene is the key to your overall good health so one needs to take care.

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