Why Did The Great Film Director Imtiaz Ali Become A Ch***a Version Of Himself?

We talk about recent interview of film-director Imtiaz Ali. Talking about his divorce he mentioned how marriage makes a person a ch***a version of himself. It is an interesting take on institution of marriage…

Imtiaz Ali as the ch***a version of himself!

Now that is surely a huge and very insulting statement. But don’t worry, nobody in the film industry is so insensitive or mad enough to call maverick director Imtiaz a ch***a! In fact, it is Imtiaz himself who in a tongue-in-cheek manner described his life as a married man.

In a recent interview, post his divorce with wife Preety, he was talking about the institution of marriage and what it means to different people. As per him, “Marriage is so artificial; it comes with so many dos and don’ts that not only make you claustrophobic but also mediocre. It reduces you to a ch***a version of yourself, you play roles to meet someone else’s expectations”.

Well, Imtiaz is very sensitive guy with a great vision and a kind of a sensibility that helps him stand out from the crowd. Coming from him, these views on marriage will definitely make people sit up, take notice and may be have a debate about it as well. After all, the writer-director who has made movie after movie depicting beautiful romance with happy endings on the silver-screen must have gone through some tough times as a married guy to talk like this.

On a lighter note, with this one statement, Imtiaz has won truck loads of male admirers and fans!

Till now, women used to go ga-ga over his looks, over his romantic movies and much more. But now hell lot of married men will wind resonance in his thoughts. They would surely have a lot to add in terms of colorful adjectives to describe life after marriage!

However, his female fans need not lose heart, for these are his personal views, applicable to both the sexes. And no, he is not going to deviate from his passion of making romantic meaningful heart-touching cinema. He is already neck-deep in pre-production work of his next flick, Tamasha!

It is again a film in romantic genre featuring the current heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor and his ex-girlfriend, the gorgeous diva, Deepika Padukone. After their sizzling chemistry in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, it will be a treat to watch both of them romance again on-screen!

As far as Imtiaz is concerned, we are sure he will make another great film. No matter what his personal experiences and opinions are about marriage, we hope he continues to propagate love and harmony between couples through his movies for love is the binding factor for any relationship. Now whether it culminates into marriage or not, is a different matter!

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