From Vaginal Smell to Horse Odor, Weird Perfume Fragrances That Will Shock You!

perfumes with weird smell

Perfumes with weird smell – Recent times or ancient era, Perfume has been one of the common choices of cosmetic preferred both by men and woman. It has been used to signify masculinity by men and feminism by a woman because it is said the person who smells good is always successful.

However, you might be gushing over Davidoff cool water or Giordani Gold, there are perfumes with weird smell around the world you have ever imagined about.

Perfumes with weird smell –

1. Vulva

This one is the weirdest of all! The vulva is a perfume which smells similar to a vaginal discharge. This perfume was especially inspired for those who are addicted to the vagina. That’s enough for now!


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