Things To Remember When You Have Caused A Road Accident

Road Accident

The scene of an road accident is never pretty, especially when you have caused it.

Whether you are a safe driver or a road racer, chances are high that you will be part of a road accident at some point of time in life.

Here is a sarcastic take on the things you should remember when you are involved in a road mishap

Let’s see what to do when the road accident is your fault…

#1 Keep Moving

keep moving

No time for accident

If you hit someone, just keep moving. Who has time for an accident? And what if you have injured someone and not killed them? Can you see yourself helping an injured person when it is you who is guilty of their present condition? Seriously, keep moving.

#2 Never Get Out of the Vehicle

never get out of car

You will be become a witness in the accident

Getting out of the vehicle means you becoming a witness to the accident. Imagine being witness to a crime scene that is the result of your driving. You will be called up by the police and interrogated. No one can be that ready for a jail time!

#3 You Are Not a Doctor

not a doctor

No medical training whatsoever

Unless you are a doctor, do not get out of the vehicle. You have no medical training whatsoever. It’s okay. You have caused that accident, but again, keep moving. It is now the responsibility of the medical team and you will have no role to play in it whatsoever.

#4 Thank Your Stars and Be Glad That It Wasn’t You

thank god

Be thankful that you are not the victim

When being involved in an accident, you cannot tell whether you will sustain injuries. On most instances, it is both parties that get injured and at times, badly. Be glad that the person lying in a pool of blood is not you. Keep driving.

#5 Are You the Only One Who Saw the Accident?

are you the only one

Others can report the accident

You were in the car when the accident occurred; there is no chance that you got a clear view of the entire accident. Also, you are not the only person who witnessed the accident. The people you ran over could themselves have got a good look before you hit them. If they are alive, they can answer the questions. They were a lot closer to you than you were.

#6 Leave the People Alone

leave them alone

Do not ask stupid questions

The people, who just suffered an accident, are in a lot of pain. Approaching them and asking a stupid question like “are you hurt?” is just mean. Of course they are hurt. Just look at the blood around which they are lying haplessly. Leave the poor suckers alone!

#7 The Accident Is Not Your Business

not your business

The accident took place outside your car

Yes, you read that right. You have no business getting involved in the street accident that you just caused, the valid reason being – the entire incident took place outside your car. They were standing on the city property; they can sue the city.

#8 Stop Living in the Past

stop living in the past

Stop living in the past and move on

This is the most important pointer to remember.

The road accident took place a few steps behind because by now you have driven a few feet away from the scene of the accident.

The road accident happened back there; stop living in the past!

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