How to be a good party host

And don’t give your guests a reason to bitch about office, complain or feel unoccupied…


It’s weekend again and even if you don’t have any plans of hosting a party at your home until now, you never know when your friends and colleagues may just call up and you end up inviting them to your place for a get-together. Even though it’s casual revelry, it is important to be a good host and while everyone enjoys being invited to for a party, to host one is a different ball game all together. We are sharing a few important tips, which we have garnered out of our experience, so that it becomes a less stressful job and you have as much fun as your guests.  

Pick up a theme: When you put in a lot of effort and some money to organise a party, taking into measure every little thing, which will make your guests feel comfortable, all you want is a good time with them. But, we have seen it invariably becoming a session for office talks or college bitching, because people don’t have anything else to talk about. You need to give them a reason and picking up an exciting theme will only work to your advantage, and will also give people an stimulating reason to come to your party. Even if you don’t go all out with the theme, just asking them to appear in a dress code will be enough. It will set them into a different frame of mind and will create more fun than usual.

Create hype: Alright… We do want you to advertise your party a bit, but without spending any money. The trick is to get conversational with your friends or colleagues, whom you are inviting. Trash-talking over messages and What’sApp is fun and you can even look at choosing a winner with the best creative wording and present him with a small gift, which could be as lame as those cheap, plastic roadside toys meant for kids. You can prepare a fun, witty invite as well and let the people know that your place is the place to be.

Build excitement: It always happen that when guests turn at your place, they don’t know what to do, because you haven’t thought of something, and they just sit around and talk, then drinks and food happen and then they either crash at your place or leave. If this has been happening for a while, you really need to break from the monotony and have games instead. Think of any game which will build up excitement and if you can turn it into a drinking game, then nothing like it. As soon as the guests settle down with a drink in their hands, start, and don’t give them a reason to crib about their bosses or professors.

Prepare well: If you want to enjoy with your friends then you have to prepare everything in advance. Make a list of all the people you are inviting and decide on the menu and keep the food ready before your people start coming up. Order if you aren’t sure of your culinary skills but avoid experimenting as it will consume a lot of time and if the guests don’t like the taste, then you will feel really bad. Clear a table and keep all plates and cutlery. Take the booze out and the glasses and keep them all handy. And please, for god sake, clean your house. No one likes to party at a dirty place. Stock up well on supplies including toilet paper, cups and ice.

Set the mood right: Be ready and keep everything handy, well before the set party time and avoid running like a chicken, with wet hair and towel on the shoulders, to fix things. It will only make the mood stressful. So bathe before time, do up your hair nicely, smell good and wear something good. It’s always pleasant to see the host turned up nicely and everything kept clean and ready. Turn on some music and enjoy.

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